BL Soccer Finally Wins, End Losing Skid

The Boys’ Latin varsity soccer team got their long anticipated win after an atrocious two-week span of constant losing to keep their playoff hopes alive.

The team just underwent a two-week span of three straight losses. A loss on September 28th versus Park, 1-0, followed by a loss on September 30th versus Gerstell Academy, 2-1, and finally to top it off, another loss versus Saint Peter’s and Paul, 6-1, on October 5th.

“We lost our focus and hung our heads when mistakes were made instead of playing more aggressively to make up for those mistakes, and that was pretty much every game. Therefore, it escalated and got kinda ugly,” said senior Theo Thomas and varsity soccer member.

“Everyone was just angry but they were all silent about it. We understood what we had to do to win but we just didn’t,” said Max Mygatt, a junior on the varsity soccer team. Similar to Theo’s point, the team continued to dwell on the past and every time that occurred, it would snowball, affecting the team’s whole dynamic.

This year’s varsity soccer team had high expectations after last year’s team set the bar so high with a championship appearance, the first time the team actually made it to the championship since 2013. Even with a loss in last year’s championship, that was only supposed to light a fire within the team to fuel their playing this year. To the surprise of many, this year’s team has struggled to uphold the bar last year’s team set.

The team did lose some of its large contributors from last year’s championship team with 2016 graduates Brendan Mullally, Hayden Kovinsky, Jeremy Greenberg, Josh Lurie,  and others. Nonetheless, the team was still expected to not miss a beat.

Not until October 7th versus Mount Carmel with a 3-1 win did the team again get the taste of victory. That wonderful Friday officially ended the team’s streak.

“Our effort was so much higher and we took a lot of shots and looked to score; we were so much hungrier and with more to lose and came into the game with a winning attitude,” Mygatt stated. The birth of a new team was happening right in the school’s backyard.

Boys’ Latin currently sits in fourth place with five wins and six losses. But with seven games to go along with much luck and more games similar to the Mount Carmel game, another championship appearance is not unfathomable. Never rule out a Laker!

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