Creepy Clowns Extend Reach into Maryland

Clowns have been chasing after cars since mid August all over the U.S. and are becoming a problem in the state of Maryland.

People are dressing up as slowns and either chasing cars or trying to lure children into the woods.

According to The Verge, it all started in mid August when a woman in Greenville, South Carolina reported that her son saw a clown in the woods trying to lure him in. This one spotting has seemingly spawned hundreds of copycats around the U.S. and even in Maryland.

On September 19th, four elementary school students reported seeing creepy clowns according to the Washington Post. The clowns had finally showed up in Maryland.

On October 3rd, Baltimore City and County closed schools because of social media threats from these creepy clowns. The Baltimore Sun reported that extra police were sent to schools for protection later that week.

“I think it all started as a prank and just grew way out of proportion,” said junior Deven Smith.

While many people across the U.S. are watching their backs to make sure they are not followed, authorities are wondering what they are going to do to keep people safe on Halloween night when everyone is going to be dressed up.

One student at Bladensburg High School in Riverdale, Maryland was arrested for creating a twitter account themed around clowns and tweeting bomb threats. This isn’t the only case of this as well; people have been threatening schools all over the state.  

“If I saw one I would probably defend myself… I think I could take them,” said senior Alec Blume.

The other popular option is to run. Sophomore Eli Schilling stated, “I would probably run if I ever saw one, but I prefer that to not happen.”

It’s clear that the fear of these creepy clowns is in the air. When asked how involved the government should be with this problem freshman Harrison Spilker said, “I don’t think the big guys need to get involved… maybe just like some local police.”


Feature Picture: http://abcnews.go.com/US/mysterious-clowns-terrorizing-california-city/story?id=26157014

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