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Bottle Flipping Flips Out at BL

The BL student body has recently taken it upon themselves to master the latest fad sweeping the Internet – bottle flipping. Bottle flipping took the Internet by storm last spring when videos of people flipping their bottles began appearing on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Now, what’s so exciting about flipping a bottle? For many, it’s an easy way to pass time or keep them from getting bored. For some people, like freshman Harrison Spilker, it is about the potential fame one might acquire after landing an arduous flip and posting it to social media, dazzling viewers from near and far.

Some of BL’s most experienced bottle flippers, Harrison Spilker and Winston Chodnicki, began flipping bottles during the summer of 2016 after they saw videos of bottle flipping appear all over social media.

“It’s a fun hobby,” Chodnicki said.

Spilker added, “It’s an easy way for people to compete against themselves and their friends; all you need is a water bottle.”

Another reason why so many students have tossed their luck at bottle flipping is because BL harbors an unforeseen amount of places to flip bottles. Whiteboard ledges, doors, desks, and shelves are just some of the most common places to flip bottles at BL.

Some students have gotten very creative with their flips. “My best flip landed on top of one of the exit signs at the end of the halls,” senior Bryce Gothier explained.

Chodnicki explained that his best flip involved two bottles. He flipped the first bottle onto the cap. Then he flipped the second bottle and landed it upright, on top of the overturned bottle that he had flipped moments before.

winston gif.gif

Chodnicki’s one-on-top-of-the-other flip

One of Spilker’s favorite flips involved a basketball hoop in the Gelston Athletic Center. He flipped his bottle onto the top of the basketball rim against the backboard.

harrison gif.gif

Spilker’s basketball hoop flip

“Deer Park waters bottles are the best because they have a strong base and strong cap,” Chodnicki explained.

Many people in the community find pleasure in bottle flipping. Whether it is for entertainment or just a way to challenge their friends, bottle flipping has captivated many students. However, not everyone in the community views bottle flipping in the same light.

Many members of the faculty have expressed their displeasure in their students’ latest fad. “It drives me crazy,” Ms. Mullally said. “They are noisy and I pick up half empty water bottles and throw them away every day,” she added.

The divide between the students and faculty is very clear, but this will not stop Spilker, who has created his own Instagram account – @baltimorebottleflips – where he showcases his skills to other bottle-flipping enthusiasts.

Although this trend may not last forever, it offers a unique opportunity to examine how creative BL peers are as they come up with harder flips. BL students are very competitive and strive for perfection. They continue to challenge themselves and their friends to push the limits of bottle flipping.

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