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BL Changes Cell Phone Policy

This year, Boys’ Latin changed its cell phone policy to reduce the amount of phone use during the academic day. Students have different opinions about the limited areas and times where they can use their phones.


Michael Peters is using his phone in a no phone area.

This new phone policy came into play to make the students interact more with each other. BL wants the school day to be a better learning environment for the students and not just a day revolved around phones.

“This community is the backbone for relationships, and there needs to be time during the day where students put down their phones and interact with each other,” Mr. Franklin explained.

During lunch in the Student Commons is the time where students used their phones the most. Now, the phone policy is that no one can use his phone during lunch or it will be taken away.

“My interaction with my friends didn’t change, and I feel like I should be able to use my free time at lunch the way I want to,” said senior Sam Weinick. He is one of the many people at this school who do not like this new phone policy. Weinick also expressed how “it’s the world we live in now and you can’t change it by taking away our phones.”

On the other hand, some people appreciate the new rule.

“There is better conversations at lunch now without phones,” said senior JP Woodward. He, along with many other students, enjoys having a conversation with a fellow classmate without a phone being brought into play.

The rule of where cell phones can be used is not negotiable. Mr. Sergeant believes “that students should be able to use their phones anytime they have a free period or during morning break” so they don’t get distracted during their academic hours. The rule is trying to diminish the time that students are on their phone so they interact with each other more.

“I think we should be able to use our phones during lunch, in the hallways, during the 35 minute block at the end of the day, and free periods,” senior Austin Light said.

Students think that any non-academic time is when it is appropriate to use their phone. “I feel like I have to hide my phone at times when it is unnecessary,” senior Bryce Gothier explained.

The BL community has always been a place where strong bonds have been made. Cell phones have started to become an issue because the interaction level between the students has gone down. Weinick added that he “feels left out of the world outside of BL” because he isn’t able to check his phone too often.

The students see the new phone policy as both good and bad. The first month has gone by, and everyone in the BL community is ready to see what is in store with this new policy.

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