BL Student Section Tradition Gone?


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These two pictures represent the fears and concerns of many Boys’ Latin community members.  The first picture shows the Boys’ Latin student section in 2014 full of students ready to cheer for their fellow classmates in pursuit of a lacrosse victory.  The second picture is from this year, 2016, and shows the lack of energy and support this year’s student sections have brought.

Boys’ Latin has always been known for having an impressive student section.  According to senior varsity lacrosse captain Andrew Murrow, “When I was a freshman and sophomore, people used to compliment our student section all the time.” Boys’ Latin used to boast a large number of student supporters nearly every game.

In 2014 and years prior, it felt as if a win for a sports team would be a win for the community.  This was evident when the Boys’ Latin student section would rush the field in order to celebrate with the team after a football or lacrosse win.

Just a short two years later, Boys’ Latin’s pride in its rowdy student section has nearly disappeared. Dylan Kowalewski said, “My freshman year I went to every game and the student sections were massive. This year I look up in the stands and there are maybe half the amount of kids as there was my freshman year.” 

Students are not hugging each other in excitement after wins anymore; students are not showing excitement for the success of their fellow classmates on the athletic field anymore. This is a sight that is sad to see for many seniors at Boys’ Latin.

The lack of attendance can be directed at the majority of the student body.  The lack of attendance often times has been looked at as the underclassmen’s fault, but the blame should really lie evenly throughout the student body.  In past years, seniors would do everything they could to ensure underclassmen would be able to attend Boys’ Latin sporting events.

According to senior Brett Blum, “It doesn’t seem like the freshmen and sophomores care that much this year.”

Not only is the lack of attendance at games showing a tradition that may be ending, but it is also negatively affecting the teams.

According to Andrew Murrow, “We feed off the energy of the student section; it pumps us up; it motivates us to try harder. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing your name chanted or the crowd getting rowdy. So when there isn’t a student section, it’s a lot harder to get that adrenaline going.” 

Boys’ Latin certainly cannot boast the student section they once did; in fact, the two are not even comparable. The Boys’ Latin student section is clearly in a state of emergency currently, and it is imperative that this trend ends as soon as possible.

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