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Seniors Enjoy Lunch Privileges

The Class of 2016 has finally obtained lunch privileges so that the students can go off campus to eat: the feelings of freedom and responsibility hit the senior class as they are trusted to be safe.

As of early April, the seniors that have completed their 40 required hours of community service have been given the privilege to go off campus to eat lunch if they would like on Tuesday through Friday (Monday is advisory lunch).  With the privilege comes a great sense of trust in the senior class.

The ability to go out to eat allows the students to mix up their food options which keeps the student commons food from becoming boring.”I love the food in the st

“I love the food in the student commons but sometimes it’s just nice to leave in the middle of the day with some of your classmates to share a nice meal. I love going out to lunch. It’s one of the few freedoms we get as a senior here at Boys’ Latin, and finally having that privilege to go out for lunch feels fantastic,” senior Brendan Mullally said.

The seniors are happy to finally have the freedom to leave campus because most of the seniors have had their hours done since November. “I am so happy to be able to leave for lunch.  It is such a better alternative,” Rich Rosario said.

The option to leave campus for seniors with the completed amount of hours is great motivation for the ones that do not have them completed.  The thought was that the seniors without the necessary amount of hours would envy their fellow classmates and urge themselves to find time to complete their hours.  Had this been done earlier, the senior class as a whole may have all of their hours completed.

The variety of places to eat ranges from many different places with different kinds of food.  “I go to a multitude of places including but not limited to Chipotle, Poulet, Wine Merchant, and Haute Dog,” Brendan added.  The long lunch provides the students with plenty of time to visit places like Poulet and Wine Merchant which are about a 10-minute drive from Boys’ Latin.

Not only does the privilege let students eat off campus, but it also gives them the chance to escape the stresses of a school day. The off-campus feeling helps students take a nice hour and 10-minute break from the stressful workloads of their classes, and they return fresh and ready to take on their long block classes.

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