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One Laker|One Love Day a Success for Boys’ Latin

On May 15th, 2016, the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland held its One Laker|One Love Day. The whole day revolved around what it means to be a man. Society has placed false ideals on what a man is, but throughout the day, the Upper School was able to see clearly what the true meaning is. 

The day began with small group discussions. In these small groups, students were able to discuss when and where they have heard the phrase “be a man.” After letting down their guards and having a heartfelt discussion, students were released for a short break.

After the break, students headed over to the Iglehart for what was the most intense and moving part of the day. During this portion of the day, students got comfortable in their seats and watched the documentary “The Mask You Live In.”

The documentary is about the stereotypes surrounding masculinity and the mask that all people wear. Mitch Casper, senior and member of the One Love club, said, “I think that being a man is being able to communicate with everyone and maintain those relationships for more than just one conversation.”

Soon after the movie, the Upper, Middle, and Lower Schools united to take a picture of the BL logo on the grass field. It was a true moment where everyone came together for a great cause and a great day.

After a long a tiring first half of the day, the students were released for lunch for time to eat and regain some energy for the closing portion of the day.

Soon after lunch was over, the Upper School made its way to the Iglehart to hear Joe Ehrmann speak. Joe Ehrmann was a professional football player who played for the Baltimore Colts.

Ehrmann’s speech truly portrayed to the Boys’ Latin Upper School what it means to be a man. Being a man is much more than being strong and having power.

Shortly after Ehrmann’s moving speech, Upper School students were again released into their small groups where each group focused on masks to end the day. Each group did an activity on masks, which was very effective and emotional.

Each student in this activity was given a mask and a sharpie. On the outside, students wrote what feelings they portray publicly. On the inside of the mask, students wrote what feelings they hold within.

The mask activity was a great way to end a very emotional and moving day.

One Laker|One Love Day was a true success for the school. Mr. Robinson said, “I do believe the day was a success for the fact that our boys were able to engage in meaningful discussion and reflection regarding an important topic that is often overlooked in high school education.”

This day was an eye-opening experience led by great faculty members and leaders.

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