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Maroon and White Day Brings School Spirit to Student Body

DT-MW (744)

Maroon and White Day, which falls on a Friday, is a storied tradition at BL, with each year’s activities becoming increasingly better and more creative than the previous year’s.

Established as a field day for the BL community to engage in, Maroon and White Day never fails to disappoint the student body. It is a day filled with heated competition, great food, good atmosphere, and fair weather.

According to the Boys’ Latin website, Maroon and White Day has been going strong for as long as the faculty members and past headmasters can remember.

The seniors were tasked with taking the reigns for Upper School Maroon and White Day and were free to put their unique spin on the day’s activities. Seniors have fun with setting everything up and really treasure their last sports day on Lake Avenue.

The teachers also enjoy the day as much as the students. They love days where they can just sit back, relax, and socialize with fellow faculty members as well as with students.

Last year’s Maroon and White Day activities included senior-created events such as teacher slip’ n’ slide and student obstacle courses. The seniors this year did not choose to continue this tradition and instead decided to stick to the basics and the original activities that have been going strong for generations.

This year’s events featured kan jam, kickball, egg toss, indoor soccer, dodgeball, whiffle ball, handball, and of course the fan favorite, capture the flag. The day is split into both morning and afternoon activities.

Highlights from the afternoon activities included the hot dog eating contest and jousting. Seniors Shaumar Wilson and Tommy Esposito represented in the hot dog eating contest as well as the classic matchup of Aaron Mendelsohn versus Will Page in their fourth and final joust. Mendelsohn won, and Page, unfortunately, suffered a concussion.

This day tends to impact the seniors the most.

Senior Noah Snyder reflected upon his last Maroon and White Day and mentioned, “I enjoyed the comradery. Since it was my last one at BL, I really tried to soak it all in.”

Senior David Friedman shared similar emotions and stated, “I enjoyed tug of war the most. This is because it was a tradition since lower school and in general, it was a very fun competition that packed a huge crowd. It really motivated me to try my hardest.”

Everyone at BL looks forward to Maroon and White Day. It is one of the last times the entire upper school participates in a large event, so memories are usually created. It is bound to be as successful as it was this year for many more years in the near future.

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