Senior Debaters Look to Continue Winning Trend

On April 25th, Boys’ Latin’s annual Junior-Senior Debate will take place. The topic of this year’s debate is cloning.  Cloning is the act of propagating genes or other cells.

The senior debate team, which includes Mark Gray, Logan Atkinson, and Joey Mallon, will be arguing against the prospect of cloning. The three members the seniors will be featuring are no longer rookies as all three of them participated in last year’s debate.

The junior debate team, which is comprised of Jamie Owens, Evan Elwanger, and Parker Hopkins, will be arguing for cloning. All three of these juniors are experienced members of the debate club, but this is their first experience debating on stage in front of the entire upper school.

History shows that the seniors will win. According to student Dylan Kowalewski, “The seniors will win. They always do.”

This seems to be the mindset of much of Boys’ Latin’s student body as no current upper school student has witnessed the juniors win. Over the course of the history of the Debate, only once have the juniors pulled off an upset.

The seniors this year aren’t paying attention to history. According to senior debater Logan Atkinson, “We can’t focus on history.  We need to prepare hard and earn the win because it won’t be given to us just because we are seniors.” This mindset is one that is shared by all three members of the senior team.

The seniors want to avoid gaining confidence just because of history, so instead they are gaining confidence through excessive amounts of preparation. According to senior Joey Mallon, “We have worked very hard so far and will continue to do so. I just hope I can graduate knowing I won.”

While the seniors aren’t allowing for history to get them overconfident, the juniors aren’t allowing for history to discourage them. Junior Evan Elwanger said, “We can’t pay attention to that. Every year is a new year, so we are going to continue to work hard and hope for the best.” This type of mindset will allow for the juniors to possibly give the seniors a run for their money.

This year’s debate will certainly be very interesting. Both teams are comprised of smart individuals who have been working hard to ensure success in this upcoming debate.

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