BL Spotlight

End in Sight for Seniors; Struck with Feelings

As the school year is coming to a close for the class of 2016, the seniors can’t help but reminisce about their time and memories at Boys’ Latin.

The class of 2016 has been a small class since the beginning, and that helped create a bond that is strong enough to resemble a brotherly bond amongst classmates.  Whether they are lifers (students that started in kindergarten, pre-first, or first grade) or students that started in high school, the friendships built over the years are very strong.  There are only a few lifers left in this class; they are Dylan Kowalewski, Mark Gray, M.J. Black, Brendan Mullally, Bennett Kauffman, Ryan Shaw, Noah Snyder, Thomas Murphy, Bo Dudley, and Josh Lurie.

“I feel regret/ scared to leave my second home,” senior Josh Lurie said. “I want to leave the best legacy possible before I leave.”

Excitement and fear are the two emotions that seem to be the strongest emotions the seniors are feeling. The reason for fear stems from many members of BL that haven’t had to adapt to a new environment, but instead continued to flourish in the comfortable environment set by Boys’ Latin.

The seniors have been reminiscing about their time at BL: “My favorite moments from BL have been all the memories I’ve created and the life-long friendships I’ve made.” Brendan Mullally said.  “I will miss the relationships with all the teachers and students that I’ve formed over the years here at BL.”The rare student-teacher friendships make the BL community such a hard place to leave.

The rare student-teacher friendships make the BL community such a hard place to leave.

“I’m getting excited for the next chapter of my life, but [I’m ] gonna miss BL a lot,” Jeremy Greenberg said.  Moving on is exciting, but the thought of seniors leaving their second home is very tough.

“The senior retreat was one of my favorite memories at BL. I’ll also miss the assemblies and student announcements,” senior Rich Rosario said.  The senior retreat was very memorable because the class of 2016 bonded and it really helped bring everyone together as more of a family than a class.

Senior Farewell is always an emotional and rememberable time for the seniors as they depart from BL early to do their senior internships.  “I am going to cry so much at Senior Farewell,” both Brendan Mullally and Dylan Kowalewski agreed.

For those who have been at BL for 13 or 14 years, they have seen the school grow and develop as they developed, and that’s why it’s so hard for students to leave.

Every senior from every year that has graduated has come back to see the teachers and the school they attended and love, and that shows how much this school means to the students.  The love and devotion from the students and faculty make BL special, and the feeling of sadness and regret from the seniors will continue for as long as the school is around.

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