Fake Extra Man Offense Plays Vital Role in Team’s Success

FEMO, fake extra man offense, is an elite group of six lacrosse players who do their best to make the defense better. This group consists of Dylan Kowalewski, Michael Peters, Rowan Bartell, Reagan Chasney, Dylan Pinsky, and McKenney Box.

Extra Man Offense is the group of players who go into the game whenever the other team gets a penalty. Usually, the EMO, Extra Man Offense, consists of the smartest and most talented shooters.

While the real EMO gets all of the credit in games, the FEMO squad puts in hard work behind the scenes. The players on the Fake Extra Man Offense aren’t the starters, but they are all good lacrosse players who are committed to the team and making the team better.

During practice, the FEMO runs the opposing team’s offense. This enables the defense to get used to the plays. It may seem meaningless, but it might be the key to the Lakers’ defense performing well and knowing what to do in games.

Dylan Kowalewski is one of the two senior members on the FEMO. He stands at 5’11”, weighs 160 lbs, and is known for his sneaky underhand shot.

Dylan said, “I want our team to be as well-prepared as we can, and I love the fact that I help them get better every time we play.” He’s a true team player who will do whatever it takes to make everyone better. 

Reagan Chasney is the second of the two seniors on the FEMO. He is a lanky 6′ player who is known for his downhill dodge. Chasney is a veteran on the squad, earning the honor of being a part of the FEMO for a second straight year.

Each year ending means that members of the squad are leaving, which means that some of the younger guys have to step up. Rowan Bartell is one of those guys that took a huge step.

Bartell is not the tallest of players but is capable of beating his defender and scoring from outside. As a newcomer to the FEMO, he said, “The FEMO gives a good representation of what our opponent’s offense is going to look like.”

Just like Bartell, Michael Peters is one of the newcomers to the FEMO who is not the tallest of players. Peters is known for his sneaky right-handed shot from the side.

McKenney Box is another one of the members of the Fake Extra Man Offense who is a pure lefty. He often receives passes on the left side and lets it release.

Finally, Dylan Pinsky is the last of the members. He often plays the most athletic player as Pinsky is very quick and agile.

Senior captain Andrew Murrow said, “they bring fun and energy and allow us to practice against the other team’s plays.”  

The FEMO embodies what every player on the team needs, and that is commitment. Commitment to the best and commitment to each other is what allows each player to get better every day.

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