Coach Farrell’s Presence Felt Throughout the Lake Show

Brian Ferrell, a 2006 Boys’ Latin alum, is a well-known individual who carries a legacy at Boys’ Latin as a player and now as a coach. He brings youth, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm to the sidelines and motivates all of his players.

“The positive attitude he brings to practice and to every game motivates the team to play better,” said senior Dylan Kowalewski. Players are enthusiastic to have a new face on the sideline, and all the players have the utmost respect for Coach Ferrell because of his lacrosse accolades and especially because he is a BL alum.

Jack Pezzulla, a senior captain for the Lakers, indicated, “Coach Ferrell brings positive energy and competition to practice every day. Not that Shriver didn’t, but it is just different and prepares us for the pace of the games. It is pretty refreshing having somebody who understands us only being 10 years out of our shoes.” 

Ms. Mullally, the head of the Boys’ Latin math department, knew Ferrell since his time as a student at BL. She was very excited when she heard he got the coaching position.

Ms. Mullally declared, “Coach Ferrell was a well-liked, outstanding athlete who won the Laker Core Award. The students who he mentored were in  pre-first then and now they’re sophomores. He gave them all fiddlesticks. He was someone who would hang out in my classroom. I went on the retreat with him and his class. I was really excited to have him back here. I was surprised they hired someone so young, but I was very excited for him.”

Coach Ferrell is excited and enthused to be coaching at his alma mater. “It’s fun. It’s a great experience. I have a great passion for BL, the school lacrosse program, and to see [how it’s progressed] in 10 years,” stated Ferrell. 

Coach Ferrell described the transition from high school, to college, to pro, and now to coaching.

“High school to college games [are] just faster. College to pro is even faster. Pro to coaching slows down completely. It’s just the speed of the game. One to two guys are the main guys [in high school], and in college good players are all over the place. Seeing the ball move is a lot faster. Pros are the most fun; you get to travel over the country. You’re partly in it for the money but the game is the most fun with the two-point line.

Coaching is what I’m passionate about…game planning and instilling it into our guys. Those friendships will last forever.”

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