Fitzhugh is Lord’s Free Safety, Speaks to FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes club hosted retired Denver Bronco free safety Steven Fitzhugh. Mr. Fitzhugh came during lunch to talk to club members and anyone else who wanted to hear his talk.

He travels across the country giving speeches to students in very different schools. Just a week before his talk here he was speaking at Crenshaw High School in California.

Co-founder of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Matt Knudsen stated, “It was a really good turnout; we had about 50 kids show up and it felt like they were super engaged with Mr. Fitzhugh’s great talk.” A lot of the kids that came are not even members of the club but were just as interested as the ones who are members.

Mr.Fitzhugh talked about his life and how at the age of 12 he committed to living his life for God. Matt Knudsen said, “His speech was super inspirational to kids that maybe haven’t had the Lord in their lives.”

His speech felt different than most religious speeches. He didn’t just talk at the students but rather talked to them and was interactive. Also, most speakers have a tragic story and then turn to God, but Mr. Fitzhugh chose young and had many tragedies growing up but always kept his faith.

He talked about his family and what it was like for him growing up and some struggles he had to overcome. Throughout the talk, even though it was a very serious talk, he added jokes to lighten the mood. Mr. Fitzhugh said, “I did not play with John Elway; John Elway played with me.”

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