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Caffeine Consumption Proves Vital Around Campus

Coffee has become so synonymous with waking up that it is very hard for certain people to go without it in the early hours of the day. Even our own campus has quite a unique trend on caffeine consumption in the mornings.

The trend seems to be that most students actually do not even drink a single cup of coffee throughout the day based on a recent Facebook poll. Only 18 students, out of the 50 that responded, noted drinking coffee at least once a day. Senior and coffee admirer Jeremy Greenberg noted: “I only ever get coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and I can see the prices affecting some people.”

According to USnews, the average American spends $2.70 on a cup of coffee in the morning. And while this rejuvenating ritual may not seem to cost so much, it certainly adds up given how many times it is consumed and where it can be purchased.

Some students note that coffee is definitely a staple in morning habits as they drink roughly three cups a day. Such an interesting case is junior Trey’lonte Gaither, who noted that his excessive amount of caffeine is “crucial to his academic success.” It certainly seems to be helping him as his grades have gone up significantly.

On the faculty side of the spectrum, coffee seems to run more rampant as a higher percentage of faculty drink it in the morning compared to students. This is displayed by their constant visits to Chambers for refills or their loud slurping from coffee cups during class.

Mr. Whitehair noted that he switches from decaffeinated coffee to caffeinated and that its use is “absolutely necessary in a long, tiring day.” He’s even got his own coffee maker in his room to avoid long voyages down to Chambers.

Likewise, Mr. Sergeant noted with a laugh that “[coffee] is absolutely necessary.” He can be seen roaming the hallways with his travel mug of joe. Often times he must leave class to refill on his coveted coffee.

Overall, most coffee drinkers prefer a warm brew year round, which may seem shocking to some given the humid weather in Baltimore for most of the year. Another trend seems to be that students prefer to buy their coffee in the morning at a drive-thru, such as Dunkin Donuts. Teachers seem to prefer making their own coffee and simply refilling in Chambers.

It seems that the older majority is a little less frugal in their spending, which doesn’t seem so surprising. Whichever way the students and faculty obtain their coffee in the morning, it is nonetheless  a necessity for most of the community.

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