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BL Teachers Reflect on Their High School Days

It’s hard to imagine what certain teachers at BL were like in high school. For others like Mr. Bailey, it’s not as hard considering all that separates him from the senior class is his note worthy beard.

Over the past four years, I have enjoyed getting to know the teachers I have had as they have much to offer. I never recalled hearing many teachers talk in depth about their high school experiences. With that being said, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about what those four years held for certain teachers at BL. 


Mr. Pisarcik (left)

Mr. Pisarcik is in his first year at BL teaching the Boys’ Latin ensembles. His band room can be found in the hall of the upstairs classrooms behind the Iglehart gym.

Since Mr. Pisarcik doesn’t work on the upper school campus, I figured an interview would help upper school students and faculty get to know him.

Mr. Pisarcik described himself in high school as a  “good student scoring mostly  As and Bs with the occasional C in a challenging math or science course.”

It makes sense that Mr. Pisarcik was interested in music as a high school student. “I was involved in around nine ensembles and I just tried to be in anything I could musically.” Mr. Pisarcik stated that his only regret is that he did not get involved with any singing groups.

“I think I could probably sing all the lyrics to Pink Floyd [songs],” Mr. Pisarcik stated when asked what kind of music he enjoyed listening to in high school. “I had a couple CDs in my car that never left such as Miles Davis, Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin and other classic rock CDs.”

High school for many people is a time that includes thinking about what you want to do for a career. “I never imagined I would be a teacher in high school,” Mr. Pisarcik explained. “Music got me into teaching because I could play pretty well but I also enjoyed sharing music with other people, especially young people.”

English teacher and writer Mr. LaFreniere is one of the most interesting teachers at BL. He is a very passionate individual, so I was curious to see if any of his passion for writing manifested itself during his high school years.

Mr. LaFreniere reflected on his academic performance in high school by stating “I was a pretty bad student in the way that I was lazy, but junior and senior year I started to pick things up in the way of humanities as I got dragged to boarding school, kicking and screaming.”

“My experience at boarding school really helped change my perspective and attitude as there was a lot of talking about your feelings,” Mr. LaFreniere responded after being asked how his school was different from BL.

Mr. LaFreniere described himself musically in high school as a “punk rocker who was in the scene and hated anything mainstream.” Along with Mr. Pisarcik, Mr. LaFreniere did not envision himself as a teacher during his high school days, but he was impacted by a teacher he had his senior year. “I had a teacher senior year who crushed me in all the right ways and I wanted to inspire like he did.” Mission accomplished, Mr. LaF.

DSC_0453 (1)

Mrs. Digges

Mrs. Digges stated that in high school she was “really good academically in the things that I was interested in…art, literature, all things related to humanities.” Mrs. Digges talked about the difference between BL and her school by saying, “you could really go under the radar if you wanted to and I was never a fan of the spotlight.”


On the other side of the teaching spectrum is the math and science department. Mr. Bailey is in his third year teaching math at BL and spends most of his spare time being young and blending in with the senior class.

“Academically in high school, I was probably a lazy student since it came easier to me.” Mr. Bailey is known among his students as a sports fanatic so it made sense to hear him talk about his love of sports in high school. “I was a four-sport high school athlete which was stressful at times, but I enjoyed the occasional non-sport geek type of activity such as board game night.”

During the interview, Mr. Bailey discussed his days as an actor. “I was a big actor/thespian during all four years of my high school career.” This quote pretty much speaks for itself. 

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