FBI, Apple at Odds over iPhone

Over the course of the past few weeks, the FBI has been trying to convince Apple executives into helping them unlock the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters. Since the beginning, Apple has refused to help authorities, sparking a national debate over privacy and security.Recently, the Justice Department announced an alternate route into the iPhone that had been found, no longer needing the help of Apple.

Law enforcement’s ability to access this phone using alternative methods raises concerns from Apple users about how safe their phones really are.

Unlike Google and other huge technological businesses, Apple does not pay for hackers to try to hack their devices. Since 2010, Google has offered hackers $100,000 to hack into Chromebook’s security system. Historically Apple has never had many hacking problems, but with the amount of people who own Apple products, it can become a huge problem for privacy.

There are various opinions on this topic.

“I think Apple should have opened up the phone; it makes Apple look weak. It also looks bad for their technology. Now it seems that hackers can get into Apple products,” said senior Noah Synder.

Mitch Casper, a Boys’ Latin senior, had a strong opinion about this topic. “It’s not the government’s business of what we do on our phones. Obviously, the situation itself was tragic, but why does the government need access to his phone? It’s pretty clear that his intentions were to cause harm to Americans. What will going through his phone prove?”

“I think it would be dangerous for Apple to give the FBI a backdoor to their software because that would render IOS vulnerable for more hackers, and the FBI has no right to force a private entity to cooperate in an investigation,” said senior Rich Rosario.

Overall, this has been a heavily debated controversy that is still not over. The FBI has the capabilities of breaking into the phone, and those who follow this controversy can only watch and see what will happen next.

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