Senior Internships: The Last Step

The first half of senior year has flown by quickly, and now the seniors are preparing to hear back from their colleges. Spring of senior year is an exciting time. Not only do the students hear from colleges, but they also get to figure out their senior internships.

Every year, the members of the senior class are required to find an internship. The internships for the seniors are a requirement in order to graduate in June. The internships allow the seniors to take a step into the real world and figure out what they might want to do after college.

This year, the senior class has a wide variety of internships. For example, fellow Laker Matt Knudsen is doing his internship with T. Rowe Price.

Matt Knudsen chose T. Rowe Price for his internship “because my Dad works there and also because I have always been interested in investments. I might want to try and major that in college.” Big businesses like T. Rowe Price are not the common theme though for other seniors.

Another fellow senior, Cody Hess, is actually doing his internship with a fire department. He will be able to experience the hands on stress that comes with being a firefighter.

Cody does not want to pursue being a firefighter when he is older. In fact, he said, “I chose it because I just wanted to get the internship figured out.” Obviously, there are some seniors like Cody who just choose an internship so that they don’t have to worry about finding one.

The internship process is a cool and scary experience for the seniors. It is cool because it allows for a senior to pursue what he thinks is interesting. But it is also scary because it gives the seniors a taste of the real world, and that in itself is scary.

The seniors’ last year here on Lake is quickly coming to an end. Although the second-semester “senioritis” is starting to kick in, they have some work to be done. The internship is the final thing before they graduate, so it certainly is an exciting time for the class of 2016.

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