Review of Boys’ Latin’s Spring Play

This year’s student directed play, directed by junior Andrew Haynes, with the help of Theater Arts teacher Mrs. Molling, was the production of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.” This is a famous play that won the Best Play of 2013, according to stage agent.

This play was chosen by junior Andrew Haynes.  It’s a comedy with witty sarcasm that is sure to leave the entire room laughing, yet it has a strong enough story line that draws in its audience members with ease.

“Vonya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” is about two siblings (Vonya and Sonia) dealing with the loss of their dreams and missed opportunities. Their maid, a fortune teller, warns them of upcoming trouble. Their sister, Masha, then arrives with her boyfriend Spike, which causes for a weekend full of tension, excitement, and sarcasm.

The cast of the Boys’ Latins rendition of the play includes senior Grant Adams as Spike, sophomore Will Krulak as Vonya, sophomore Carson Raefield as Casper, Larissa Hawkins as Sonia, Maddie Tindall as Masha, and Katie Downing as Nina.  These actors and actresses have impressed many.  According to senior Andrew Murrow, “The cast was really good. Grant Adams did a really good job.” Andrew continued to say the play itself “was very funny.”

This play was enjoyed by many, but the precision in the casts’ performance sprouted from hours of preparation.  Each cast member had to work tirelessly to memorize his lines and blocking to ensure a smooth performance.  Senior Grants Adams said, “It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.”

The work that goes into putting on a production is vast. It starts with the foundation of building the set, getting the proper lighting, finding the correct sound cues, memorizing lines, etc. The list goes on and on, and in order for the production to take form, hours of work daily and nightly are required.

The preparation did not go unnoticed.  All the people who went to view the play got the privilege to see all the actors/actresses, stage crew, and directors hard work pay off.  The preparation and natural talent possessed by members of this play cultivated together to create an incredible performance.

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