The Chiron, Bugatti’s New Hypercar Revealed

The French car company Bugatti revealed a new model last week at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The new car is the predecessor to the older model, the Veyron.

The car was released in a huge press event during the motor show; it is a redesign and rework of the Veyron. The Chiron features the same 8.0 litre W-16 quad-turbocharged engine as the Veyron. Now the engine has been re-worked to produce 1500 WHP and 1180 lb-ft of torque.



The W-16 Quad Turbocharged Engine



The visual look of the Chiron is noticeably different from the Veyron:










The Chiron is supposedly styled in a wind tunnel and dedicated to aerodynamics, according to Cnet.com, reporting from the press event at Geneva. However, people seem to have mixed feelings about the Chiron.

Bugatti claims that they have made a car with superior performance and elegance to their rivals, which they advertise on Bugatti.com

Mitch Casper said, “It looks a lot newer; to be honest, it looks bulkier and heavier, more modern, more space ship like,” when referring to the Chiron.

However, Cameron Miller has strong opposing opinions to Mitch and Bugatti. Cameron said, “I personally think Bugattis are garbage. The styling and engines are horribly made. They are made to go fast and that is it. It is the only thing Bugatti is good at. It is not even remotely close to being as intelligent, balanced, well styled, or as reliable as the other three companies [Refering to Ferrari, Mclaren, and Porche] .”

Jeremy Greenberg agreed with Cameron. Jeremy said that he thinks the Chiron has no place in the current market. He thinks the technology in the car is outdated and the styling is ugly.

The mixed views of Bugatti are due to the competition it faces in the supercar world. The Chiron will be put on sale for a sticker price of 2.5 million USD. That is a whole million ahead of the similar spec cars from Ferrari (the Laferrari), Mclaren (P1), and Porche (918 Spyder), which is seen on the companies’ respective websites.

The Chiron is definitely an improvement on the Veyron, but the market’s reception of the car is hard to see considering it has not hit its production period yet. Luckily for Bugatti, the Chiron has the fastest theoretical top speed of a production car (261 mph, which was stated in the press conference). The performance of the car could make or break the success and longevity of the Chiron.

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