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Diaz Will Outlast McGreagor


UFC 196 had to change the main event fight from Conor McGregor vs. Rafael Dos Anjos to Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz. This was due to Rafael Dos Anjos breaking his foot and pulling out of the fight.

The two were going to fight for the lightweight belt but now that McGregor is facing Nate Diaz, the fight is now a welterweight fight. Both fighters have referred to this fight as the money fight.

Both fighters are well known for trash talking. McGregor has yet to lose in his UFC career. According to UFC.com, Diaz has a record of 19 wins and 10 losses which is still impressive due to that being a lot of fights.

They both have made comments toward each other, like, “He is a fat skinny guy,” McGregor stated.  Diaz accused McGregor and most UFC fighters to be using steroids. These comments led to a tense and aggressive weigh in.


McGregor had to gain a lot of weight for the fight which will have an affect on him moving up two weight classes. Diaz not having a camp for this fight will also have an effect.

I believe that Diaz is a better fighter and think that McGregor will get winded and not have the endurance to keep up with Diaz. McGregor is a good fighter, and his fights are usually not long which will probably not be a good thing for this fight. Because Diaz has more experience and has greater endurance, I don’t think McGregor is ready for it.

Diaz, I think, will wait McGregor out and he will tire out. Diaz having a background in Jiu Jitsu will submit him.  Nate Diaz’s brother, Nick Diaz, who is also a well known UFC fighter, thinks that it will end in the second round. I believe Nate Diaz will win this fight and put an end to Conor McGregor’s undefeated record.

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