Carrol Manor Recreation Council: Season Wrap Up

During the winter sports season, an elite basketball recreational club called the Carroll Manor Recreation Council, also known as CMRC, hosts a long four-month period in which eight teams try to win their way to a championship.

CMRC has been popular throughout the Baltimore area as kids join teams and compete against each other.  The teams consist of a wide variety of athletes, most who do not play basketball or barely know how to, and some that are good enough to play but not good enough to play varsity at school.  The intensity of play is not hindered by the lack of talent as teams get very competitive for the win.

There was a total of eight teams, each consisting of players from a variety of schools. Team Seven, coached by Mitchell Casper, had players from Boys’ Latin, Gilman, McDonogh, and Dulaney, while Team Six had players from Boys’ Latin and St. Paul’s.

Davy Lizana organized his team (Team Six) back in the summer.”I decided to play because of the elite competition,” leading scorer Davy said. “My team fell short losing in the ship last year, so we wanted to win this year.”He decided to recruit fellow seniors Brendan Mullally, Josh Lurie, Andrew Murrow, Cameron Miller, Regan

He decided to recruit fellow seniors Brendan Mullally, Josh Lurie, Andrew Murrow, Cameron Miller, Regan Chasney, and Colin Shimp, along with St. Paul’s senior John Faus.

Dylan Kowalewski organized a successful Team Seven, which lost in the first round of the playoffs to a commanding McDonogh team.  “We played our hearts out every game,” Dylan said in a sad tone. “The competition was tough this year, but I feel like we really had a fun time during the pregames where we’d work on our fundamentals and just play for fun.”

The regular season records are below:

Team W L % Games Played
1 (Barnes) 12 0 100.0% 12
7 (Kowalewski) 5 4 55.6% 9
8 (Brown) 7 6 53.8% 13
2 (Simon) 5 6 45.5% 11
4 (Quattrocche) 5 7 41.7% 12
5 (Ortis) 4 7 36.4% 11
6 (Lizana) 3 6 33.3% 9
3 (Cariello) 2 10 16.7% 12

Going into the playoffs strong was Team One with an undefeated regular season.  Playoffs were tough on Dylan’s team as they fell to Team Two in the first round.  But somehow, Davy’s team made it to the championship after winning both the quarter and semifinal games.

“The play-off push was what made this season memorable. I’ll never forget the semi-final game down by 12 with four minutes left to go in the game. Through a combination of good defense and opportunistic offense, we ended up winning the game,” said Brendan Mullally.

The championship was one to remember, having a large crowd come to support the underdogs.  Team One, run by Loyola senior Barnes, had the advantage as theyIMG_8681 beat Davy’s team early in the regular season.  The game was an exciting one, ending 58-31 with Team Six ending as CMRC champions.

“It was nice to have a student section. We balled out and were up 19-0 at one point. Shout out to Murrow on a season-high four points. He was 100% shooting that day,” Davy said about the championship game.

“Ending a season on top was the best ending to a great season,” Josh quickly added.

“[This is] Probably the most competitive league I have ever played in. Thanks to our dedicated coach Jeremy Greenberg who never came to one game or practice the entire year. We worked hard watching film on our opponents which helped us in the end,” Davy said about the season as a whole.

CMRC was full of highs and lows from all teams, but in the end, the best team came out on top.  The season as a whole was very fun and competitive and next year should be even more exciting than this year.

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