Trump Supporters, Protesters Wrangle after Rally is Postponed


d trump

Donald Trump’s campaign that was supposed to take place Friday, March 11, 2016, was postponed due to an outbreak in violent altercations between both supporters and protesters of Trump.  The environment for the campaign was found to be unsafe and too dangerous for Trump to give his thoughts to the Chicagoans.

Before the campaign was able to begin, thousands of citizens packed into the arena at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which resulted in the forging of violent protests before Trump became present on the stage.

While tens of thousands of protesters and supporters filled the arena, law enforcement deemed the environment unsafe and made a public statement saying that the rally would be postponed, resulting in harsh violent outbreaks.

The protesters quickly filled the area, saying, “We stumped Trump,” according to CNN. Large numbers of Chicago police forces quickly rushed to the scene in order to break up the violence.

Some protesters were arrested and carried out of the arena.  Authorities made five arrests, said Chicago Interim Police Superintendent John Escalante, according to CNN. Only two out of the 300 officers present at the rally suffered injuries while trying to calm the altercations between supporters and protesters.

Outside the arena, the crowd steadily grew throughout the afternoon after the rally was cancelled resulting in more violent altercations.

A crowd of protesters, filled with racial diversity consisting of Mexicans, whites, blacks and Asians, spilled into the streets outside the UIC arena.  Police were forced to set up a human blockade to allow the supporters of Trump to be able to get to their cars and leave safely.

Later that night, Trump responded.  Trump tweeted he “just got off the phone with the great people of Guam! Thank you for your support! #VoteTrump today! #Trump2016,” according to CNN.

After the protests in the arena ended, Trump conducted a series of interviews about the protests that were stirred up.  Trump said he had no regrets about his rhetoric, attributing the root cause of the violence to economic issues such as unemployment among African-American youths, according to CNN’s Lemon.

Instead of blaming himself and his words, he placed the blame on social media, believing that the media blew the violence out of control, when in reality the violence was out of control.

Tim Carle said, “He has begun riots and violent protests by his words and doesn’t seem to care about solving the violence.” 

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