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Senior Night Live Hopes to Entertain BL Student Body


Senior Night Live is a wonderful tradition at Boys’ Latin. This year’s show hopes to entertain the BL community and draw a wide array of audience members to the Sheridan Theater on opening night in late April.



Directors Noah Snyder and Cody Carlson


Senior Directors Cody Carlson and Noah Snyder have been working tirelessly to construct a script for all of the scenes with blocking and stage directions included. Since the show will not go on until late April, there is plenty of time for auditions, and the directors highly encourage the entire upper school to try out.

By incorporating some scenes from the original Saturday Night Live, Carlson and Snyder are looking to add a unique spin to this already popular late night show. It will not be an easy task, but the directors are more than capable of achieving their goal.

Last year’s show led by Senior Directors Matt Attman and Julian Baker was a huge success, and this year’s directors are hoping to bring the same level of entertainment to this production. They aim to accomplish this by using material from popular sports stories and various pop culture references.

Seniors are already getting excited about Senior Night Live. It is bound to bring a large crowd and fill the entire Sheridan Theater due to the hype from the cast, crew, faculty and student body.

Co-Director Cody Carlson jokingly indicated, “I expect to draw a demographic that consists of the ages 15-79 (My grandfather might show up and he is 79 years old). Hopefully, many BL students and faculty will attend as there are lots of BL jokes.”

The other co-director Noah Snyder felt similarly: “I expect a very diverse crowd. Some readers, some dreamers, and crab people. But seriously, we would love for everyone to try and come and see it. We think you guys will enjoy it.”

Carlson “loved the writing process” as he tried to “write every day and some days, [I] have the creative juices flowing.” All in all, Carlson is excited to see what the show has in store for both him and the audience.

With that being said, Snyder saw few weaknesses and felt like there were only “some problems… deciding who gets what part could be tricky.” This seems to be only a minor speed bump in an already steady production.

Senior Night Live promises to be a success. It is a special experience for both the student directors as well as the student body. This will be a unique show that will guarantee the audience breaking out into laughter throughout the entire production, and it will surely leave the crowd craving more.

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