Sanders, Clinton Continue to Vie for Top Spot

After the Iowa primary, Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley dropped out of the presidential race. This left just two contenders to reach the general election from the Democratic side, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont who strongly supports ideas outlined in socialism. He is known as an outsider in this race but has been able to connect with a large amount of people who feel America needs major change. Bernie Sanders has done an incredible job reaching the emotions of people who feel America treats people unfairly.

The other contender for the Democratic side is Hilary Clinton, wife of former president Bill Clinton. President Obama has endorsed Hilary Clinton, and she has gained the support of many people. Like Sanders, she also has struck emotions with Americans who feel that people are not treated equally and fairly in America.

Hilary Clinton is currently the front-runner in this race. On Super Tuesday, which occurred on March 1, Hilary Clinton won seven out of the 11 states. Sanders won four including his home sate of Vermont.

Clinton, feeling confident, did not do much campaigning on the states involved in Super Tuesday, but instead focused her views on the states after this. This proved to be a smart move as she won big not only on Super Tuesday but also in primaries following.

Sanders has been nowhere near as successful in terms of percentages of support in comparison to Clinton. According to ABC.com, Bernie Sanders has 574 delegates, a small number compared to Clintons 1,223. Clinton will need 2,383 more delegates in order to win the nomination.

Although Clinton has dominated Sanders in votes, Sanders still has not flinched. He believes in his mission, and he is working hard to show the public why his ideas will work. Sanders were been able to gain a large amount of support from the youth in America.

Boys’ Latin has many members supporting the “Feel the Bern” campaign including Junior Class President Griffin McShance. According to McShance, “Bernie is empowering, man.”

Recently, Sanders’ campaign has shown small signs of success. Recently, Sanders won the state of Michigan, which came as a shock to Clinton. This propelled Clinton to present a more aggressive debate on May 9, showing she may be taking Sanders more seriously than before.

This race has not been extremely close, but the competition is certainly beginning to tighten.  It will be interesting to see whether Bernie can rally enough support to make this a tighter competition.

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