Full House vs Fuller House; Nothing Beats the Original

Netflix recently came out with its original version of the series “Fuller House.” “Fuller House” is a spin off the popular nineties sitcom, “Full House”, which includes the children from the original TV show 29 years later in life. There have been multiple mixed reviews of the new show, but nothing can ever beat the original Tanner household.

The original “Full House” consists of a father, Danny Tanner, who is played by Bob Saget, who just recently lost his wife. Danny Tanner is left to take care of his three daughters, DJ, Steph, and Michelle, all on his own. So he is helped by his brother and his brother-in-law in order to run a functional house that is clearly full.

It is finally time for the men who raised the three girls to move out of the house. It is only a coincidence that DJ, too, has her significant other pass away, just like her dad. Watching “Fuller House” is basically just like watching the original “Full House,” except it is far worse.

I believe “Fuller House” is worse than “Full House” is because the sequel’s first two episodes are exactly the mirror of the original. DJ, a single mother living with her sister and crazy best friend, is similar to Danny Tanner living with his funky and funny friend and his stylish brother-in-law. DJ is left to deal with taking care of two sons, her sister and best friend offer to move in and help take care of the two kids.

Kimmy, DJ’s childhood friend, is still weird and crazy, and Steph still has her classic personality and witty lines such as, “How rude!” The classic jokes and lines are all said by who would be expected to say them.

It is basically like watching reruns of “Full House” except 29 years later and the roles are all reversed. Nothing will ever beat the original “Full House” series, but that is usually how it is with any sequel/spin-off. The original is always the best.

I’m not saying that “Fuller House” is a terrible show; props to Netflix for pulling all the characters, except the Olsen twins, in to make another version. I just strongly feel that they should not have made a spin-off.

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