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Boys’ Latin Football Star- Victor Dimukeje

Victor Dimukeje, a Boys’ Latin junior, has received a great deal of attention this offseason from multiple universities including: Yale, Harvard, Maryland, Brown, Toledo, Robert Morris, Rhode Island, Central Michigan, UPenn, Old Dominion, Iowa State, Albany, Tulane, Rutgers, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Temple, Marshall, and Costal Carolina.

Victor is a 16-year-old who is 6’2”, weighs 258, benches 405, squats 540, and whose 40-yard dash is 4.75. He is a freak athlete who started at Boys’ Latin during his sophomore year after head coach Richie Schell recruited him from Newton High School. He immediately made an impact on the football field.

In his junior season, he had 26 assisted tackles, 16 solo tackles, 8.5 tackles for losses, 7 sacks, two fumble recoveries, and a touchdown all on defense. He played both ways and never got off the field. He played any position that the team needed him to play including nose tackle, defensive end, linebacker, left tackle, and running back, on which he scored another touchdown.


Victor always put the team first. He motivates the players around him to become better through his diligent work ethic, positive attitude, and his fierce competitive nature. Victor is always grinding and works out wherever he can.

Victor’s offseason goals include “Getting bigger, stronger, faster, and quicker. I need to focus on school and in the weight-room. I’m always in and out the lab [weight-room/field], and to rack up as many offers as I can.” 

Victor has enjoyed the attention he has brought to himself this offseason. “I work hard for it. I am finally enjoying what I’ve worked hard for. It’s been a dream of mine, and it’s starting to pay off,” said Victor.

Unlike many young football stars that are only consumed by dreams of the NFL, Victor values his education. His life goals in football are “to be a great player; football is most important to me to get an education, and if I’m good enough to make it to the NFL that’s awesome, but education comes first,” said Victor.

Victor is always calm, cool, collected, and always prepared. Victor is always motivated and striving to succeed. “I do this for Nigeria,” Victor said about his home country.

Junior year highlights:

*Stats courtesy of Richie Schell



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