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What do Mr. Mitchell and Franklin Do in Their Free time?

Most students at Boys’ Latin think of Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Franklin as being two very strict and stern individuals.  Many think they exist only to discipline students for their actions. Some of this may be true; but what if they are actually normal, caring, and lively human beings?

So what do Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Franklin actually do in their free time away from BL? Some students may say they study the student handbook inside and out, but it turns out that Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Franklin are very normal and delightful people inside and outside of the school.

In an interview with Mr. Franklin, outside of school he said that he loves to take care of his younger kids by doing activities with them.  These activities range from going to the playground, the Maryland Zoo, and watching sporting events with them. So the kinds of things that they like to do outside of school are pretty normal.

Mr. Mitchell stated, “I love spending time with them [my kids], especially going to the beach.”  It could just be as simple as playing sports or watching TV with his kids, but either way, Mr. Mitchell wants to be a role model.

Mr. Franklin also loves spending time with family and taking care of his two young daughters as he wants them to do great things in life.  Being with their families means the world to them.

Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Franklin like sports a lot as well.  Outside of school, Mr. Mitchell likes to play golf and soccer.  Mr. Franklin loves watching the English Premier League, especially with his colleagues Mr. Dagenais and Mr. Robinson.

Mr. Franklin stated, “I know a lot of people think that I and Mr. Mitchell hang out 24/7, but I do see other people in the BL community.”  Mr. Franklin does in fact see more people than just Mr. Dagenais and Mr. Robinson because he really likes the BL community and the people in it.

So many of the accusations that Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Franklin are not normal people like many parents are completely inaccurate.  They care for their children just like all the parents have done for all Lakers on Lake Avenue.  They enjoy many of the same sports and politics as many Lakers do, and they can relate to a lot of the students on this campus.

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