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Student Commons: Is it Worth the Walk?

Boys’ Latin students and faculty have been eating lunch in the student commons: some wonder if the new lunch across the street is worth the walk compared to eating lunch in the student center.

The Student Commons

The lunch from the 2014-2015 year and many years before drew many complaints causing students to pack lunch just to avoid eating the food provided for purchase.  Through these many complaints, and with the intention to create a community space for all on campus, Christopher  Post, the Headmaster at Boys’ Latin, had the student commons built on the lower and middle school side.  This new space was built with the intention to not only provide better food, but to have the entire lower, middle, and upper school eat together at respective times.

The student commons brings the community together and provides a space for the students and faculty to come together. Every Wednesday, any musician has the opportunity to perform in front of the entire upper school body, which brings a little entertainment and fun into the busy school day.  Another new addition is Mr. Franklin hosting Trivia Thursday when the students compete against the faculty in a friendly, trivia based quiz.

But with every advantage that the student commons provides the students, there is one thing about it that have upper school students reminiscing about the old lunch in the student center.  The inconvenience is that the students have to walk across the street to eat lunch while last year they had it inside of the upper school.

“The food this year is infinitely better than last year,” sophomore Basil Aburn said without hesitation. “The walk across the street is awful. When it is cold or raining it is especially bad. When it’s a nice day, it’s not terrible, but it’s an inconvenience.”

Junior Luke Shilling also agreed with Basil: “The walk across the street isn’t awful unless the weather is bad. The walk downstairs to the student center was much easier. The walk [to the student commons] just seems unnecessary.” Shilling continued to say that he liked eating lunch in the student center more than eating at the student commons, elaborating that the “class to class bonding” was much better in the student center.

“It’s a nice break to the day,” teacher Ms. Mullally said about the walk across the street.  “It’s [the food] totally better this year than last year’s slop.”

The location is the biggest problem with the student commons.  The students want the best of both worlds with having the convenience of the student center combined with the food of the new student commons.  Although the student commons holds the entire upper school and has higher quality food, many of the students would rather stay in the upper school to eat lunch.

But for people that enjoy the walk and break from stressful school and work days, the student commons is much better.  Depending on whether students like the walk or not really determines whether the new student commons is better than the old lunch in the student center.

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