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Robotics Continues Strong Efforts in Blacksburg, VA

Robotics is a sport that requires extraneous amount time, energy and brains. This team does its work under the radar, doing all of their incredible work in the shadow without getting any recognition for their extreme talent and accomplishments.

The Boys’ Latin Robotics Team, otherwise known as Team 2534, is coached by Mrs. Kellerman and is home to some very smart, intelligent and tactical students. The team is known to wear the red and black flannels, which portray a lumberjack.

Each year’s robot is supposed to perform a certain task. This year’s robot has to cross obstacles and shoot balls into either a low or high goal. Each shot made into the goal earns the team points.

This event is time based. In the last 20 seconds if the robot is able to climb a bar, then the team will receive bonus points. Creating this program is a very tasking job and requires leadership among the team.

Team 2534 is led by Logan Atkinson. Mrs. Kellerman said, “Ryan is the lead builder, Josiah and Noah are the lead programmers and Alex Young is the lead strategist/scout. Sophomore Matthew Post also plays a leading role as the human player on the drive team, along with Logan who serves as drive team coach.”

Logan may be the Captain of the team, but each and every member plays a key role into the success of the team.

The team had a competition in Manassas, Virginia, from March 4-6.

Mrs. Kellerman said, “the team finished qualification matches in third place out of 40 teams.”

Finishing in third place, the team is able to learn from their mistakes and correct any faults in their performance. Mrs. Kellerman said, “last weekend, we learned we needed to improve our high goal shooting ability as well as to improve our overall speed on the field.”

A variety of things could have gone differently in order to place even higher, but junior Josiah Bedford said, “I feel that I didn’t do enough to help Trupia know where to position himself so I could move the robot’s mechanisms properly, so I plan to be more vocal this time around.”

Bedford continued, “Well, we had trouble last competition, but during this week in-between we got a lot done in terms of cleaning up code and practicing driving. I think we are in good shape to win this district.”

Team 2534 travelled to Blacksburg, Virginia this past weekend and competed in a competition. The team was able to win its district which allows them to move on and compete at the University of Maryland in the coming weeks.

The team will need to put to use these lessons learned from both competitions in order to win its next competition.

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