Look Out Canada! Fearful Voters Seek New Home Up North

After marginal Super Tuesday victories that saw Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R) increase their delegate count, a significant spike in social media users threating to move up north has caused a trend. Massachusetts stood out distinctly after having both the aforementioned candidates win their coveted state.


photo courtesy of Google Trends

The problem arises from Trump’s seemingly scary domestic policy of not allowing Muslims to enter as well as his proposed wall that will border Mexico. Many other issues have stressed voters, but their outlying plea for help has resulted in begging via Twitter. If one simply searches the terms “Trump Canada” into twitter, hundreds of thousands of tweets will show up.

This election has somewhat made Canada more relevant than it ever has been, with the department of immigration having more calls than ever. “Our phones, as of today, have literally gone crazy with Americans calling,” an immigration lawyer in Vancouver, David Aujla, said. “I used to say that George Bush was my best marketing ally. And I’m going to elevate Donald Trump to that position as soon as he becomes president,” added Aujla.

Canada’s tourism sites have been remarkably overflowing since this recent social media trend; reports suggest that the Canadian immigration site actually shut down momentarily because of all the users on the web page. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in particular, has been making the most of this trend by advertising a radio show entitled “Cape Breton if Trump wins.”  “We just weren’t expecting this, but I say it with a smile,” said Mary Tulle, the CEO of Destination Cape Breton in regard to the thousands of phone calls her office received after Super Tuesday.

This is not the first time Americans have threatened to leave their blessed country because of a potential president— recall the 2006 election when President Obama was running for the first time. Many celebrities and right-leaning political activists ‘promised’ to move if he was elected. Also, according to the figure by Google above, there was a significant spike in searches regarding moving to Canada during that period of time.

What makes Canada so attractive to these concerned Americans? For one, the proximity to the United States would make new citizens feel at home. Also, the recent left-leaning government is a Bernie Sanders’ supporter’s dream— enlaced with free healthcare and some great education.

There was also a considerable spike in similar Google searches, such as “Can Cruz beat Trump” (which increased 250%) and “John Kasich drop out” spiked 200 percent. And there was a 300 percent spike for “Chris Christie, Vice President,” according to Google Trends.

Historically, many promises made by celebrities to move to Canada have been broken. One famous incident was actor Stephen Baldwin in 2008 noting that “If Barack gets nominated, I will be moving out of the country.” The outcome: Mr. Obama received the Democratic nomination; Mr. Baldwin, who was apparently joking, stayed, and in 2011 suggested that he might run for mayor of New York City.

Whether one might seek to move to Canada, it isn’t always as easy as tweets make it seem. Since Canada’s recent immigration reform, one must try and get a work visa, fall in love with a Canadian partner, or attend school in the country.

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