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Lakers Plan Trip to Quebec

On June 15, members of the Boys’ Latin Middle and Upper school will expand their knowledge of the French language by traveling to Quebec.

This trip will be the third trip offered to students to go abroad and see their classroom learning turn into the real world. Literature students went to England over winter break, and Spanish students went to Puerto Rico over Presidents’ Day weekend.

Madame Howell and Señora Clark will take a group of 14 students to Quebec City where they will lead these students on an eye-opening experience that will help them transfer their classroom experiences to the real world.

According to Madame Howell, Ms. Tubman spearheaded the trip.

“Parents were asking, ‘Do you offer any trips?’ and for a while we didn’t,” Howell said. “So Ms. Tubman polled parents asking what would make most sense economically, and Quebec did for us. She put everything together and organized the trip.”

“I wanted to go to Quebec because I have been studying French since kindergarten. I want to finally apply everything I’ve learned over the years in the real world,” junior Alex Young said about the trip.

“We want to allow the students to interact and converse with native French speakers,” Howell said. “We want to emerge them into the culture, to really use the language in the real world.”

“I’m most excited about experiencing the cultural differences of Quebec. I rarely leave the country, but when I do, I find the cultural differences fascinating,” Young continued to say.

In addition to interacting with the people, the students will also be participating in fun activities.

The students will be going to the Place Royal, Musse de PortChateau Frontenac, and Montmorency Falls, and according to Madame Howell, those are just some of the highlights.

Madame, who has been to Montreal, has never been to Quebec.

I’m very excited to go to Quebec City,” Madame said. “I’m hoping and thinking that the guys that are going are also very excited.”

Madame hopes that this trip will be an annual event but would also enjoy it to be every other year so new kids can get an opportunity to go on it. The inclusion of the middle school gives them a chance to see it at a young age then maybe again as a more mature high school student.

This trip sounds like the students will have a lot of fun while simultaneously learning about the language and the culture. French, Spanish, and English Literature students now all have trips they can look forward to during their high school careers.

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