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Deadpool: Delightful and Gruesome

dp_justicehasanewface_14x48_ext_c6922-0_lyrd_impAfter about 10 years of fighting over this one single Marvel property, Ryan Reynolds has finally gotten the “Deadpool” movie he’s dreamed about, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Deadpool is not a typical superhero. That’s because he isn’t; Deadpool is an anti-hero which means he isn’t fighting in a red suit for some greater good but to benefit himself.

This is seen heavily through “Deadpool.” He is cocky, obnoxious, offensive and generally the definition of the scum of the Earth. And If you actually know who Deadpool is in the Marvel Universe, this is fantastic news!

A little backstory on Deadpool is that he is a mercenary that was created in a government lab in almost the same way Wolverine was created. In the Marvel Universe that loves cracking skulls (and jokes), he is one of the most loved heros by comic readers because of his snarky sense of humor and constant and careless antics.

He can get away with anything. At one point, he was living in an apartment with the ghost of Ben Franklin. Now he is the owner of the Avengers.

And that’s why readers stick with him. He is funny and unpredictable.

Ryan Reynolds sounds exactly as I’ve always pictured the legendary “Merc’ with a Mouth” to sound like. But that’s about it from the casting standpoint.

This movie didn’t have any breakout roles from the supporting cast. They all seemed somewhat forgettable and a means to the end.  Literally, there is a line between Deadpool and TJ Miller’s character telling him to go talk to a guy in the bar to progress the plot.

If it wasn’t for Deadpool constantly asking “Where is Francis?” trough this movie, I would have no idea what the villain’s name is.

But what I will say is they have GREAT chemistry in this movie. The banter back and forth from all the heroes in this movie is priceless and is guaranteed to have you rolling in your seat. All the jabs at FOX Studios for either underfunding this movie or for putting it off, in general, are fantastic and very well deserved.

The humor in this movie is half the reason it got a hard R-rating. A lot of these jokes are strokes of genius, and there were hundreds of pop culture references in this movie. They all integrated well for the most part, but some fell flat and are somewhat awkward to sit through.

The other half of this R-rating comes from the action sequences. The action of this movie screams Deadpool. Bodies are dropping, heads are rolling, and the humor is present throughout the whole movie. The fight scenes in this movie make it very apparent that this is not a family friendly movie.

This is the highest grossing R-rated film, making $152 million dollars domestically and $284.5 million worldwide, all in one weekend according to The Hollywood Deadline. FOX studios is currently making plans now for an R-rated “Wolverine” movie with Hugh Jackman. Other studios are jumping on the bandwagon, too.

DC just announced that when “Batman vs Superman” goes to DVD, it will have an R-rated version. And now Disney-owned Marvel Studios are in meetings over if they should make an R-rated super hero flick.

This movie is great; you should try to see it once. I would say twice but I don’t think it will be as good the second time around. But do support this film; the more money it makes adds more fuel to the fire for another R-rated superhero film.

I highly recommend seeing this with friends. You will cry from all the laughter. I’m giving this movie a 7 out of 10. The action and humor are great but that doesn’t make up for the overall lack of an interesting plot and somewhat dry supporting cast.

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