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Class of 2016 Taking College Scene by Storm

Unfortunately, senior year has flown by faster than one can blink, and the class of 2016 is finishing up their college process.

Boys’ Latin seniors are looking all over the country for schools in different areas ranging from the mainstream fad of going down south, up north, and staying here in the great state of Maryland.  There are also a few guys taking the world by storm and looking out west for college in areas such as Colorado, California, and Montana.

There are also a fair amount of Laker athletes committed to go play sports in the NCAA. Senior lacrosse goalie Jack Pezzulla committed early sophomore year to North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and he has to leave much earlier because of this. Jack said, “I will be leaving Baltimore in early August for pre-workouts; can’t wait.”

Likewise, senior wide receiver Davy Lizana will be heading out even earlier as he is set to play football at Cornell University.  Davy has to leave right after he goes to the beach in July for preseason two-a-day workouts and scrimmages.

Senior Grant Adams is taking the path less followed and is heading to Montana-Bozeman next year being one of the first Lakers to go to school in this great state.  Grant absolutely loves where he chose, stating,”I was really interested in their environmental science program and being in the mountains.  I fell in love with the mountain atmosphere there and enjoy skiing and fly fishing.  Now all of my favorite things are right outside my window!”

Senior Charlie Ikle is headed down south but he isn’t sure where yet.  He said, “If the financial aid number is right, I will be at Texas Christian University next year.” With the yearly tuition at $53,000, this school is not a definite right now.  Ikle couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but the south: “I am also looking at South Carolina and Ole Miss; the southern culture really drew me, and I am looking forward to rushing fraternities as well as the football tailgate scene.  I will also be looking to major in sports management.”

Hayden Kovinsky is heading to DePaul University in Chicago next fall. Hayden said, “At first I didn’t think I would get in, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”  He said, “The diversity at DePaul drew me in; not everyone is the same,” and he also made a funny remark stating, “It’s not Baltimore.”  That is a common theme in seniors wanting to get away.

Out west, senior Alex Franks and Cody Carlson are checking out California schools.  Alex is thinking about San Diego State for next year while Cody’s top choice is Chapman University in Orange County.

Cody said, “I stepped off the plane and it immediately clicked; the culture, weather, I loved it all.  I also really like the idea of networking in California, and it has many connections to the entertainment industry which I hope to get involved in.”

Lastly, there are the homeboys that want to stay in Maryland.  Senior Josh Lurie had the option to go to many schools around the country but decided on the University of Maryland Business School.

Josh cannot wait to start in College Park this year, stating, “It’s only an hour away from my family and it still feels like I’m getting out of Baltimore. Big Lloyd also said he would buy me a car in my name considering how cheap the tuition is in comparison to my other schools.”

Boys’ Latin seniors will be all over the United States next year, and the class of 2016 looks to be one of the most diverse classes in recent years representing most areas and states in the country.

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