Bye-Bye Winter; Say Hello to the Sun

Winter is almost finally over. The three months of brutally cold weather ends and here comes six months of warm, sunny weather. No more shoveling snow, icy roads, and sadly, no more days offs or two-hour delays.

Spring starts March 20th, but that doesn’t mean winter is really over. Even though AccuWeather’s lead long-range forecast metrologist, Paul Pastelok, truly believes that the worst of winter is completely over and done with, history has shown a winter in March is not completely uncommon.

According to AccuWeather, last year, March averaged 19 inches of snow on the east coast. Mr. Pastelok feels that the temperature may drop again on March 19th and stay down for a couple of days, but will bounce back up. Cold, winter weather will be in the rearview mirror soon.

How do the students in the BL community feel about the change in weather approaching? Taking to the hallways of BL, students were everywhere raving about the sunny weather outside.

Marquise “Moo” Washington, a junior and varsity baseball player, said,  “I prefer sunny weather over winter weather.” Marquise added, “because in the summer, you can do more activities outside with your friends.”

Randy Cockrell, a freshman and JV football player, was extremely enthusiastic about the idea of sunny weather. He longs to take advantage of the sunny weather by going to the pool and beach. Most importantly to him, he can’t wait to wear his t-shirts and shorts out and be comfortable.

Drew Nicholas, a junior and varsity golfer, loves the idea of sunny weather. He has been waiting for sunny weather for a while because he is tired of having to put on a winter coat every time he wants to go outside. With the sunny weather coming around, he can finally hit the greens and work on perfecting his swing for this upcoming golf season, which he looks forward to tremendously.

It seems that students at BL are completely ready for the change in weather and ready to move on from the cold, harsh winter weather. Also, most students are ready to move on and get into the swing of their spring sport of choice. No matter the reason, everybody is waiting to see what the warm, sunny weather has to bring to the BL community.

So hang up the sweatpants and sweatshirts and break out the t-shirts and shorts because the sunny weather is on its way!

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