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BL Students, Faculty Discuss Spring Break Plans

Spring break is a time that can include basking in golden sun rays on the beach, traveling to an exotic destination, or just relaxing at home. The official dates for spring break at BL are March 19th through March 28th. With these dates fast approaching, I took it upon myself to gain information on what activities people had planned as well as whether or not I was invited (no comment on whether or not I was).

I walked down to what I consider the west wing of the upper school to enter the senior room and interview students. I came across multiple BL students eager to discuss their spring break plans.

“Over spring break, I plan on spending time in New York City,” senior Nate Puciato explained. Nate stated that he will be staying in Manhattan over spring break. Nate then went on to say he will only be staying in New York for a few days. Nate then left the room.

Senior Justin Smith was on the premises where I was present and was eager to discuss his plans. Justin shared his spring break plans by saying “I will be in Myrtle Beach with the baseball team getting dubs (dubs is a common slang term among youth that acts as a variation for the word victory).”

When Justin was faced with an inquiry regarding the level of SPF sun tan lotion he planned on using during spring break, he replied, “whatever my mom packs me.” Well said, Justin, well said.

I planned on interviewing Mr. Mitchell to see what his spring break plans were, but I hit a wall. Yes, I literally hit a wall; my attention was diverted by the action of texting while walking. The pain prohibited me from continuing my interview process.

The wall I hit was linked to the chambers room where Mr. Maisel was the only one present in that vicinity, or as I saw it, one in the chamber. Nothing like a good gun joke when mentioning Mr. Maisel. Mr. Maisel had no comments on his spring break plans; the FBI is actively looking into this.

Spring break is a time that most students and faculty look forward to. Many will employ their time in heading to the beach to get that first taste of warm weather that the frigid winter took from us. Many others will put their feet up at home and binge-watch their favorite TV shows.

Spring break is a time to hit the refresh button…on your laptop as binge-watching TV shows on Netflix for prolonged periods of time will cause your screen to freeze. Enjoy the time off and don’t forget to have Justin’s mom pack you some sun tan lotion.

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