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Worst Case Scenario for Republican Party: a Contested Convention

The recent Republican Primary has led mainstream leaders of the GOP to outwardly oppose presidential candidate Donald Trump. This opposition is gaining traction among Republicans and could lead to a contested convention where Trump becomes offended, leading him to run as an independent, splitting the Republican base, and thus handing the election to the Democratic nominee.

The leaders of the Republican Party are coming out against Trump for not being true to the values that Republicans hold close. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Grahm said, “The more you know about his political giving, the less Republican he looks,” according to Politico.com.

This attack is making potential voters question Donald Trump’s validity as a member of the Republican Party. This is shown in a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC with registered, leaned Republican voters. This graph shows that Trump is losing his edge versus the other two leading Republican candidates.


This new wave of opinions could lead to controversy at the RNC. If no candidate in the rest of the primaries wins enough delegates to automatically receive the nomination, then the party may choose to hold a contested convention.

A contested convention occurs when a nominee does not receive a certain number of delegates.  Delegates can then change their alliance and elect a new nominee.

In the past, Trump has made it clear he would be willing to run as an Independent if he was unsuccessful as a Republican.  This indicates if a contested convention occurred, and someone other then Trump was chosen, he would run as an Independent.

If Mr. Trump decides to do so, I think it would hand the presidency to the Democratic Party. I believe this because it would split up the Republican base, giving the Democratic candidate an edge over the potential two Republicans

Young Republicans Club President, Charlie Iklé, said that he would support Trump even if he ran as an Independent. “It [the election]  will not directly hand it to [the Democrats]”.

Robbie Gothier believes quite the opposite. Robbie believes that this would be completely irresponsible of Mr. Trump because he believes without a doubt the Democratic candidate would win if Trump ran as an Independent.

These two opposing opinions among Republicans just further emphasizes the potential split of the party.

If the Republican Party decides to hold a contested convention, it could lead to a loss in the presidential election. This could change the future of our country forever and is a large risk for the Republican constituency.

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