Two Sides to Donald J. Trump

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is not your normal run-of-the-mill, traditional style candidate.  He’s far from it, and that’s a blessing and a curse that supporters love him for and protesters despise even more.

Trump is as unfiltered as they come and sometimes it seems as whatever goes through his brain automatically comes out of his mouth as well. He’s an extremely successful businessman that knows his way around a television set.

He’s stubborn: he sticks by his word to the burning gates of hell and won’t let you tell him otherwise. It is a bit unfair that reporters and media bash him for statements he made 15 years ago. There is a difference between changing your stance on a matter within close spans at a time and 15 years. It’s understandable that Trump could change his mind in that amount of time.

It’s understandable that Trump could change his mind in that amount of time.  The world changes as do the people that live in it causing different issues and opinions to take.

Trump’s natural talent is how unscripted he is: not one speech is the same. He may truly be the only one that goes up on a debate stage without any sort of organization of lines. He’s had so much experience on live television from his countless TV shows, interviews, and business ventures that have turned him into a very engaging and exciting yet absurd public speaker.

Trump knows the in and outs of business and how to gather attention on a public stage. “That [his experience with television] put him in position to understand that the presidential election campaign is really just a badly acted, billion-dollar TV show whose production costs ludicrously include the political disenfranchisement of its audience,” from writer, Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stones.

Now, the electoral process of the United States has become completely fake.  The typical electable candidate tells the people what they want to reassure them.  Trump marched in and most people took it as a joke until he actually started to win; he’s becoming unstoppable solely because of the unique way he’s going about his campaign.

The media despises him and, in turn, gives him all the publicity.  He gets it all for free while reporters bash him and it’s only making him stronger.  He loves to go after reporters on twitter using his favorite terms ranging from “loser” to “clown” or “lightweight” and everything in between.

He’s doing something that has never been done before, and the poor litter of candidates in this year’s election can’t play on his level. He wins people over by insulting our own kind and calling out the imperfections of the political system and our country as a whole.

A man that said he is going to build a wall to keep out immigrants is the favorite for winning the Hispanic vote by a margin.  It’s amazing how he does it.

Protesters will tell you he’s shockingly similar to Adolf Hitler and that he is a bigot and a racist and is only for the upper class. In my opinion, the comparisons to Hitler seem a bit extreme; I mean, this isn’t socialist Germany during a World War. The fact that people can just automatically assume he supports the KKK is ludicrous.

He’s a wealthy tycoon of a businessman that won’t owe any money when he gets into office and he has already created so many jobs throughout his life.

If he runs our country and economy the same way he puts effort into his past business ventures, then the United States could become much better as a result. His supporters see him in this light and it reassures their anxiety of job security.

People hate him because they’ve never seen anything like it; he’s certainly unpredictable and his presidency could go either way.  Some label him as a “non-conservative” or “fake republican” who is way too crazy to be in charge of a country.

He is “nontraditional and not fit for the job” and a “Drumpf” according to John Oliver, HBO Political Commentator.  Some people are scared of him because he’s not your normal running candidate spewing BS to gain false support.

I personally like a lot of the principles Donald Trump stands for but there is no denying he is an egotistical maniac and that he could truly be a hit or a miss.  However, the other candidates behind him and the two on the other side scare me much more than having Trump in charge.

Sometimes it feels as if Trump isn’t getting a fair shot and that the party is trying to push him out because he is “not conservative.” He is so much different than any front-running candidate ever and people are not used to that and are embarrassed or even scared to have him represent our country in the White House.

As the race unfolds, Trump has maintained his lead and came away with most states on Super Tuesday and is a hopeful to lock in the nomination. Along the way, he will keep up with his unpredictable nature and pissing off people that don’t think he is what’s right for this country.

Trump is a man for change, and behind him it may seem crazy at first, but he has the potential to fulfill his slogan and “Make America Great Again.”

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