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Orioles Stand as Most Miserable Fanbase in Sports

Just a couple miles down the road from the Boys’ Latin campus lies Camden Yards— a place that so many fans have utterly terrible memories of. Orioles Park at Camden Yards certainly can be argued as one of the biggest shrines of misery in North American sports, given their previous 30-year history.

Most fans had never seen their beloved Orioles have a winning season until the 2012 season: a total of 14 straight losing seasons. Years of mediocrity and poor attendance haunted the ball club dubbed with the best stadium in baseball. Brown bags and demotivating signs plagued the scarcely occupied seats.

But are the Orioles truly the most miserable fanbase in North American sports? Certainly the Cubs are on a longer drought and are synonymous with failure at this point. The Chicago ball club is still waiting over a century for their World Series title.

In other sports, the Knicks are one of the worst teams in the National Basketball Assosciation— having gone 11 seasons out of the past 14 without winning more games than losing. Heralded by multiple coaches every year, their messiah just hasn’t come yet.

The Washington Capitals, certainly one of the favorite hockey teams for Marylanders, have never lifted the title despite having one of the best players of all time in Alexander Ovechkin. Washington has many times made the playoffs for the Stanley Cup but has only one total series win in that time. In a year when the Capitals are far ahead as the best team in the league, the city and fans are praying for a long awaited cup.

The infamous Philadelphia Eagles have been known losers, much like the entire city of Philadelphia in sports. In a conference (NFC East) where fans compare each other’s rings, the Eagles stand alone as they have never won a Super Bowl. That is despite the fact that the Eagles have been the most impressive team in the conference for several years.

Even worse, the Buffalo Bills have never been in contention for being in the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl. Although they are a newer team, fans cannot help but fear for the worst when each new season comes.

Not only wins and losses define a team: a team’s propensity to manage to choke every year in the playoffs after having impressive regular season runs defines their outcome. Certainly this list is up for debate, but one can certainly agree that these fan bases are among the most miserable in sports.

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