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Boys’ Latin Club Lacrosse Primed for a Huge 2016

After an undefeated season, two 18-year-old ineligible sophomores, a national championship, and a head coach of the year award, the Boys’ Latin Club lacrosse team has a lot on their plate to defend for the 2016 season.

The entire coaching staff is returning bringing back legendary club coach of the year, World Cultures and History teacher, Mac McDonald.  By his side is his protegé Jeremy Greenberg, running the book in and out of the varsity playground.

Thomas Murphy is also a coach, I guess.  He just kind of stands there and does whatever Murphy does; he keeps saying he’s going to suit up but it’s yet to happen. Maybe this year?

In clax, there really are no positions, but there are characters that are better at some than others.  After graduating the attack trio of three years, Martin, Elliot, and Manzoni, the faceoff guy and goalie as well as the two ineligible players to the varsity team and most general class of 2015 clowns, the team is headed toward more of a rebuilding stage.

The attack group this year is looking like returners Bo Dudley and Cameron Miller as well as an occasional appearance from Charlie Ikle on the crease.  Tommy Connor highlights a new group of juniors that didn’t try out for varsity but have great clax potential.

As for midfield, after graduating most starters and losing some to the varsity this year, some new seniors and juniors will have to step up to fill the roles on the wings.  Midfield won’t be an issue as the club team is stacked with athletes that possess major clax qualities.

On defense is where most of the football players take a break from their weekly workouts to drive out to Loch Raven and throw on some pads and completely neglect the use of a stick at all.  The starting defense could be Victor Dimukuje, Alec Blume, and the biggest menace of them all, Noah Snyder.

The goalie system will be a three-man tandem between former varsity contender Charlie Ikle, 6th-grade all-star Bo Dudley, and Little Luke Levendusky as well.

The clax team has some talent coming back this year and hope to bring back former JHU commit Braden Atkinson who recently gave up lacrosse to take up football recruiting.  He carried the team last year and could do the same this year.

Clax is back and ready to take down the homeschools, hounds, and red bird on their way to consecutive back to back natty champs.

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