Who is the Best of the Best?

The Washington Capitals and Golden State Warriors are at the top of their respected leagues this year.  Actually, they are by far the best teams in their leagues, and both are in first place by an eye opening margin. The Washington Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin and the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry have lead their teams to greatness in the regular season.

These two teams are making a push towards their championships, as they are both favored to win not just their conferences, but the Stanley Cup for the Capitals and the NBA Championship for the Warriors.  The regular seasons for the NHL and the NBA are nearing completion within the next month and a half, and both teams are looking for success now and in the playoffs.  Both teams have their fans behind them and are enjoying the ride.

Fans of these two teams have been very excited this year.  The Washington Post stated, “It is difficult to compare teams who play in different leagues, but just based on the performances we have seen to date, the Capitals are the better team this season.”  The Capitals are clear favorites to reach the Stanley Cup, and many experts predict them to defeat the Chicago Blackhawks in the Cup.

Washington is not only putting wins on the board, but they are also setting many amazing statistics and by a large margin compared to other teams in the NHL.  The Washington Post also stated, “The Capitals are scoring 24 percent more goals per game than [the NHL] average, while allowing 15 percent fewer.”  The Caps were the quickest team to 40 wins ever in the NHL, and it looks like they will claim a one seed in the playoffs.

Golden State seems to be claiming the number one overall seed in their conference as well, but for both teams, none of that will matter unless they can be successful in the playoffs. The Capitals track record in the playoffs has not been the best recently, but Washington is determined this year to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in the Capitals history.

Give the Warriors all the credit in the world; they are having a great season and beating every team they play with ease.  However, with the difficulty to win day in and day out in the NHL,  and with the records set along the way, the Capitals are the best team overall right now in North America.

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