Towson vs. UNCW; The last CAA Battle of the Year

On Saturday, February 27th, the North Carolina Wilmington Seahawks defeated the Towson Tigers 74-68, at Trask Coliseum in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The game wasn’t all that crowded with only 4,791 people in attendance according to ESPN. The first half was pretty even. Towson started out, for the first sixteen minutes, with a small lead between three to five points, but then things started to slip away.

With four minutes left, the Seahawks started to pull away. By the time the clock was at 1:15 the score was 28-37, with the Seahawks in the lead. However, by halftime, Towson was able to squash the lead from nine points to only four, making the score 33-37 at halftime.

Throughout the second half, the two teams battled each other, keeping the score within two to four points of each other. Then, with eight minutes left on the clock, the UNCW Seahawks started to pull away again.

ESPN said that “Ingram’s 3-pointer with 7:45 remaining, followed by a Sherwood layup and 3-pointer, gave Wilmington a nine-point lead with 6:21 to go.” This is exactly how UNCW managed to pull off their win against their division rival.

The two teams, Towson and UNCW, are both members of the Colonia Athletic Association or CAA. Both teams have been fighting all year for the top spot in the CAA. This was the last chance for them to prove themselves. 

In the upcoming CAA tournament, starting Friday, March 4th, the two teams have been seeded 2nd and 3rd, UNCW and Towson, respectively.

Their battle last Saturday was a pivotal decision maker in their ranking in this tournament. UNCW’s win gave them the number two seed and allowed them to potentially play a number ten seed, rather than a number six seed which Towson is poised to play.

This is important because it impacts the difficulty of the team which they will both have to play to get to the championship in the CAA tournament.

It is important for these teams to either win or do exceptionally well in the CAA tournament because that will impact their seed in the NCAA tournament towards the end of March. It could even impact whether or not they are included in the NCAA tournament.

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