NFL Mock Draft: Top 5 Picks

By Andrew Murrow and Mark Gray

The NFL season ended on February 6th, which officially began the offseason for NFL front offices.  After this day, people begin to speculate on the NFL draft, which begins on April 28.  The order of the draft is decided the day after the Super Bowl, and it goes in order from worst record to best.

The Tennessee Titans hold the first overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft.  The best choice for the Titans is Ole Miss OL, Larmey Tunsil.  The Titans struggled on the line last year, and this pick would allow for second-year quarterback Marcus Mariota and the entire offense to improve vastly.    

This isn’t the only possible pick for the Titans, however.  Titans tight end Delanie Walker disagrees with the Titans’ idea to draft an offensive lineman. There are no shortages of free agent offensive linemen, and the Titans already have a young line to begin with.

A possible alternate pick for the Titans could be Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa.  Joey Bosa is considered by many as the most talented member of this draft class, as he dominated at the college level.  

According to Senior Brett Blum, “Joey Bosa is an absolute tank.  He’s the best player in the draft.”  

With the second pick in the NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns could very possibly select QB Carson Wentz from North Dakota St.  The Cleveland Browns are currently the only team in their division, the AFC North, without a solidified starting quarterback.  Carson Wentz, who is often compared to AFC North quarterback Joe Flacco for having a strong arm, would help stabilize the Browns.    

If the Browns decide to go with a different player, they could possibly pick QB Jared Goff. He is considered by many to be the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft.  Jared Goff has shown tremendous ability over his career at the University of South Carolina.

With the third pick overall, the San Diego Chargers could select Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa (assuming the Titans pick OL Tunsil).  Although Bosa was disappointed in his 4.86 second 40 yard dash time, according to, he is still considered by many as the best prospect in this draft. Bosa was a dominating presence on the defensive line for Ohio State, racking up 26 sacks and 51 tackles for loss in his career, according to sports

If Bosa is off the board at this point in the draft, the San Diego Chargers could select Florida State cornerback/safety Jalen Ramsey.  Jalen Ramsey impressed at the combine with a “freakish” workout according to  Ramsey would instantly improve San Diego’s defense.  

Following the San Diego Chargers with the fourth overall pick is the Dallas Cowboys.  With this pick, the Cowboys will select either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz (depending on who Cleveland selects).  Over the years, injuries at the quarterback position have held Dallas from making a Super Bowl appearance.  

Both Wentz and Goff would be able to learn under QB Tony Romo, and they could help propel this talented roster to a Super Bowl contender.  Goff and Wentz are both proven winners at the collegiate level, and many NFL scouts believe this will translate to the NFL. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars have the fifth pick of the 2016 NFL draft. The Jaguars need an offensive lineman or a cornerback in this year’s draft. Vernon Hargreaves III would be the ideal pick for the Jaguars.  Although he is an undersized corner, he is the most polished cornerback in this year’s draft. 

However, if Mississippi’s OT  Laremy Tunsil is not picked up yet, Jacksonville will select him. Jacksonville needs to protect quarterback Blake Bortles, and Laremy Tunsil would be the perfect candidate for the Jags.

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