Senior Internships: The Last Step

The first half of senior year has flown by quickly, and now the seniors are preparing to hear back from their colleges. Spring of senior year is an exciting time. Not only do the students hear from colleges, but they also get to figure out their senior internships.

Every year, the members of the senior class are required to find an internship. The internships for the seniors are a requirement in order to graduate in June. The internships allow the seniors to take a step into the real world and figure out what they might want to do after college.

This year, the senior class has a wide variety of internships. For example, fellow Laker Matt Knudsen is doing his internship with T. Rowe Price.

Matt Knudsen chose T. Rowe Price for his internship “because my Dad works there and also because I have always been interested in investments. I might want to try and major that in college.” Big businesses like T. Rowe Price are not the common theme though for other seniors.

Another fellow senior, Cody Hess, is actually doing his internship with a fire department. He will be able to experience the hands on stress that comes with being a firefighter.

Cody does not want to pursue being a firefighter when he is older. In fact, he said, “I chose it because I just wanted to get the internship figured out.” Obviously, there are some seniors like Cody who just choose an internship so that they don’t have to worry about finding one.

The internship process is a cool and scary experience for the seniors. It is cool because it allows for a senior to pursue what he thinks is interesting. But it is also scary because it gives the seniors a taste of the real world, and that in itself is scary.

The seniors’ last year here on Lake is quickly coming to an end. Although the second-semester “senioritis” is starting to kick in, they have some work to be done. The internship is the final thing before they graduate, so it certainly is an exciting time for the class of 2016.

Review of Boys’ Latin’s Spring Play

This year’s student directed play, directed by junior Andrew Haynes, with the help of Theater Arts teacher Mrs. Molling, was the production of “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.” This is a famous play that won the Best Play of 2013, according to stage agent.

This play was chosen by junior Andrew Haynes.  It’s a comedy with witty sarcasm that is sure to leave the entire room laughing, yet it has a strong enough story line that draws in its audience members with ease.

“Vonya and Sonia and Masha and Spike” is about two siblings (Vonya and Sonia) dealing with the loss of their dreams and missed opportunities. Their maid, a fortune teller, warns them of upcoming trouble. Their sister, Masha, then arrives with her boyfriend Spike, which causes for a weekend full of tension, excitement, and sarcasm.

The cast of the Boys’ Latins rendition of the play includes senior Grant Adams as Spike, sophomore Will Krulak as Vonya, sophomore Carson Raefield as Casper, Larissa Hawkins as Sonia, Maddie Tindall as Masha, and Katie Downing as Nina.  These actors and actresses have impressed many.  According to senior Andrew Murrow, “The cast was really good. Grant Adams did a really good job.” Andrew continued to say the play itself “was very funny.”

This play was enjoyed by many, but the precision in the casts’ performance sprouted from hours of preparation.  Each cast member had to work tirelessly to memorize his lines and blocking to ensure a smooth performance.  Senior Grants Adams said, “It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.”

The work that goes into putting on a production is vast. It starts with the foundation of building the set, getting the proper lighting, finding the correct sound cues, memorizing lines, etc. The list goes on and on, and in order for the production to take form, hours of work daily and nightly are required.

The preparation did not go unnoticed.  All the people who went to view the play got the privilege to see all the actors/actresses, stage crew, and directors hard work pay off.  The preparation and natural talent possessed by members of this play cultivated together to create an incredible performance.

Diaz Will Outlast McGreagor


UFC 196 had to change the main event fight from Conor McGregor vs. Rafael Dos Anjos to Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz. This was due to Rafael Dos Anjos breaking his foot and pulling out of the fight.

The two were going to fight for the lightweight belt but now that McGregor is facing Nate Diaz, the fight is now a welterweight fight. Both fighters have referred to this fight as the money fight.

Both fighters are well known for trash talking. McGregor has yet to lose in his UFC career. According to, Diaz has a record of 19 wins and 10 losses which is still impressive due to that being a lot of fights.

They both have made comments toward each other, like, “He is a fat skinny guy,” McGregor stated.  Diaz accused McGregor and most UFC fighters to be using steroids. These comments led to a tense and aggressive weigh in.


McGregor had to gain a lot of weight for the fight which will have an affect on him moving up two weight classes. Diaz not having a camp for this fight will also have an effect.

I believe that Diaz is a better fighter and think that McGregor will get winded and not have the endurance to keep up with Diaz. McGregor is a good fighter, and his fights are usually not long which will probably not be a good thing for this fight. Because Diaz has more experience and has greater endurance, I don’t think McGregor is ready for it.

Diaz, I think, will wait McGregor out and he will tire out. Diaz having a background in Jiu Jitsu will submit him.  Nate Diaz’s brother, Nick Diaz, who is also a well known UFC fighter, thinks that it will end in the second round. I believe Nate Diaz will win this fight and put an end to Conor McGregor’s undefeated record.

Duke Lacrosse Scandal: 10 Years Later

By Mitch Casper and Spencer Rees

On March 13, 2006, the lacrosse world changed forever. At Duke University, members of the lacrosse team were involved in a scandal of “fantastic lies” that ruined reputations and changed lives.

In an off-campus party during spring break, the lacrosse team decided to hire two exotic dancers. What the team didn’t know was that they would be put under a microscope for the next 13 months.

Crystal Mangum, one of the exotic dancers, accused three members of the Duke lacrosse team of sexually abusing her during this party. Policemen showed up, media was constantly around the house, and members of the community were visibly upset at the fact that none of the members of the team were speaking out.

Because of this incident, the lacrosse culture was significantly hurt.

“Our [the lacrosse community’s] whole image was destructed and tampered with,” varsity lacrosse coach Brian Farrell said. “We were perceived as a privileged sport that only white, rich males took part in. It was a blow to the sport and still has an effect 10 years later.”

The three members of the Duke lacrosse team that were accused were Collin Finnerty, David Evans, and Reade Seligmann. These three teammates would spend the next 13 months in court desperately trying to save their reputation.

Mike Nifong, Mangum’s lawyer, took the case by the horns. He made false claims and tampered with DNA evidence.

Nifong and Mark Gottlieb, a Durham detective, spent those 13 months trying to frame the three members. Gottlieb was even accused of changing the descriptions of the three members to fit the three that Mangum picked, according to ESPN’s 30 for 30 about the event.

It was even hard for the lawyers of the three men to believe they were innocent.

“Most people accused of crimes are guilty,” attorney Brad Bannon said in his interview with ESPN. “I had absolutely no problem believing that rich, white, elite young men would take advantage of a young African-American woman that they had hired to come and perform for them.”

However, thanks to a riveting speech by senior David Evans, people started to believe the members were innocent. People started to really look into the facts rather than just judge them based off of what they were hearing. Soon enough, it became clear that there was no way for the three members to have sexually assaulted Mangum.

With great lawyers behind them, the case was eventually dropped 395 days after the incident. The lawyers proved that there was no way that the three men were ever with the accuser for more than ten minutes based on phone calls, ATM video surveillance, and keypad entry into Duke’s dorm building. Also, the DNA testing proved that the men never had contact with her, according to ESPN’s 30 for 30 about the event.

Magnum’s lawyer, Mike Nifong, was disbarred from the North Carolina Bar Association for his aggressive and incorrect measures he took with the case. Gottlieb was moved out of his district and committed suicide in 2014.

As for the three men accused, they live their lives today as three working citizens. Finnerty is an equity banker at Deutsche Bank; Evans is a venture capitalist at Apax Partners; Seligmann is a Commercial Litigator at Connell Foley. All three are a part of the Innocence Project which helps wrongfully accused people find the resources and lawyers to prove their innocence.

 David Evans said, “No matter what, you can try to move on, but ‘rape’ will always be associated with my name. ‘Innocent’ might be a part of that, but when I die they’ll say, ‘One of the three Duke lacrosse rape suspects died today. He led a life and did this, but he was one of the three Duke lacrosse rape suspects,” according to Evie Salomon of CBS News. 

This event was a tragic one for the case of the accused families. Thankfully, the judge looked at the facts rather than satisfying the media and taking the easy way out. This case is a perfect example of innocent until proven guilty, and thankfully, the lawyers were able to prove the three Duke lacrosse players’ innocence.

Carrol Manor Recreation Council: Season Wrap Up

During the winter sports season, an elite basketball recreational club called the Carroll Manor Recreation Council, also known as CMRC, hosts a long four-month period in which eight teams try to win their way to a championship.

CMRC has been popular throughout the Baltimore area as kids join teams and compete against each other.  The teams consist of a wide variety of athletes, most who do not play basketball or barely know how to, and some that are good enough to play but not good enough to play varsity at school.  The intensity of play is not hindered by the lack of talent as teams get very competitive for the win.

There was a total of eight teams, each consisting of players from a variety of schools. Team Seven, coached by Mitchell Casper, had players from Boys’ Latin, Gilman, McDonogh, and Dulaney, while Team Six had players from Boys’ Latin and St. Paul’s.

Davy Lizana organized his team (Team Six) back in the summer.”I decided to play because of the elite competition,” leading scorer Davy said. “My team fell short losing in the ship last year, so we wanted to win this year.”He decided to recruit fellow seniors Brendan Mullally, Josh Lurie, Andrew Murrow, Cameron Miller, Regan

He decided to recruit fellow seniors Brendan Mullally, Josh Lurie, Andrew Murrow, Cameron Miller, Regan Chasney, and Colin Shimp, along with St. Paul’s senior John Faus.

Dylan Kowalewski organized a successful Team Seven, which lost in the first round of the playoffs to a commanding McDonogh team.  “We played our hearts out every game,” Dylan said in a sad tone. “The competition was tough this year, but I feel like we really had a fun time during the pregames where we’d work on our fundamentals and just play for fun.”

The regular season records are below:

Team W L % Games Played
1 (Barnes) 12 0 100.0% 12
7 (Kowalewski) 5 4 55.6% 9
8 (Brown) 7 6 53.8% 13
2 (Simon) 5 6 45.5% 11
4 (Quattrocche) 5 7 41.7% 12
5 (Ortis) 4 7 36.4% 11
6 (Lizana) 3 6 33.3% 9
3 (Cariello) 2 10 16.7% 12

Going into the playoffs strong was Team One with an undefeated regular season.  Playoffs were tough on Dylan’s team as they fell to Team Two in the first round.  But somehow, Davy’s team made it to the championship after winning both the quarter and semifinal games.

“The play-off push was what made this season memorable. I’ll never forget the semi-final game down by 12 with four minutes left to go in the game. Through a combination of good defense and opportunistic offense, we ended up winning the game,” said Brendan Mullally.

The championship was one to remember, having a large crowd come to support the underdogs.  Team One, run by Loyola senior Barnes, had the advantage as theyIMG_8681 beat Davy’s team early in the regular season.  The game was an exciting one, ending 58-31 with Team Six ending as CMRC champions.

“It was nice to have a student section. We balled out and were up 19-0 at one point. Shout out to Murrow on a season-high four points. He was 100% shooting that day,” Davy said about the championship game.

“Ending a season on top was the best ending to a great season,” Josh quickly added.

“[This is] Probably the most competitive league I have ever played in. Thanks to our dedicated coach Jeremy Greenberg who never came to one game or practice the entire year. We worked hard watching film on our opponents which helped us in the end,” Davy said about the season as a whole.

CMRC was full of highs and lows from all teams, but in the end, the best team came out on top.  The season as a whole was very fun and competitive and next year should be even more exciting than this year.

The Chiron, Bugatti’s New Hypercar Revealed

The French car company Bugatti revealed a new model last week at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. The new car is the predecessor to the older model, the Veyron.

The car was released in a huge press event during the motor show; it is a redesign and rework of the Veyron. The Chiron features the same 8.0 litre W-16 quad-turbocharged engine as the Veyron. Now the engine has been re-worked to produce 1500 WHP and 1180 lb-ft of torque.



The W-16 Quad Turbocharged Engine



The visual look of the Chiron is noticeably different from the Veyron:










The Chiron is supposedly styled in a wind tunnel and dedicated to aerodynamics, according to, reporting from the press event at Geneva. However, people seem to have mixed feelings about the Chiron.

Bugatti claims that they have made a car with superior performance and elegance to their rivals, which they advertise on

Mitch Casper said, “It looks a lot newer; to be honest, it looks bulkier and heavier, more modern, more space ship like,” when referring to the Chiron.

However, Cameron Miller has strong opposing opinions to Mitch and Bugatti. Cameron said, “I personally think Bugattis are garbage. The styling and engines are horribly made. They are made to go fast and that is it. It is the only thing Bugatti is good at. It is not even remotely close to being as intelligent, balanced, well styled, or as reliable as the other three companies [Refering to Ferrari, Mclaren, and Porche] .”

Jeremy Greenberg agreed with Cameron. Jeremy said that he thinks the Chiron has no place in the current market. He thinks the technology in the car is outdated and the styling is ugly.

The mixed views of Bugatti are due to the competition it faces in the supercar world. The Chiron will be put on sale for a sticker price of 2.5 million USD. That is a whole million ahead of the similar spec cars from Ferrari (the Laferrari), Mclaren (P1), and Porche (918 Spyder), which is seen on the companies’ respective websites.

The Chiron is definitely an improvement on the Veyron, but the market’s reception of the car is hard to see considering it has not hit its production period yet. Luckily for Bugatti, the Chiron has the fastest theoretical top speed of a production car (261 mph, which was stated in the press conference). The performance of the car could make or break the success and longevity of the Chiron.

Minnesota Wild on a Hot Streak

The Minnesota Wild are looking to turn their season around after a much-needed win streak under the helm of their new interim head coach. The Wild’s recent success can easily be credited to the firing of former head coach Mike Yeo. The new interim head coach, John Torchetti, has some big shoes to fill, but with his four-game win streak, the future looks good for the Wild.

The Wild’s win streak consisted of four significant wins against four very talented teams. The biggest win for them probably came in the recent Stadium Series matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks are one of the top teams in  the NHL right now and possess the skills of the NHL’s leading point scorer, Patrick Kane.

The 4-1 win against the Blackhawks was huge for the Wild and might give them a boost as they try to make the playoffs. Although the rest of their schedule is stacked with very talented teams such as the Washington Capitals, Boston Bruins, and Philadelphia Flyers, the Wild have the capability of giving those teams a run for their money.

The real question and concern for the team is if they will be able to have consistent success with their new interim head coach? According to ESPN,460237415_slide interim head coach John Torchetti showed that he is capable of leading this team to success after the win against  Chicago. But in order to fully be successful, it is important the team’s top players stay healthy.

Zach Parise, the Wild’s top player, just came back from an injury, which should give the Wild the boost on offense that they have been looking for. It’s hard to tell if the Wild will be successful the rest of the season. They are two places back from a playoff position.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the rest of their season plays out given the tough schedule ahead with more road games than home games. Home ice is definitely an advantage for the Wild and they have proven so. But where they really need to succeed and win is on the road, and that is never easy.