NBA All-Star Weekend Packed with Celebrities, Entertainment

NBA All-Star weekend took place in Toronto, Canada for three days, February 12-14, where the stars of the NBA could showcase their talents.

It all started Friday night with the Celebrity All-Star game, which had a new twist to it. Due to it being in Canada, the NBA decided to make it Canada stars vs. U.S.A. stars. The star-filled game topped itself this year by adding celebrity coaches as well, who were Drake, rapper and actor, the Team Canada head coach, and Kevin Hart, actor and comedian, the Team U.S.A. head coach.

The game had an easy going fill to it but some of the stars really came to play including the former NBA stars and also current WNBA stars such as Ellena Della Donne and Tracy McGrady. According to ESPN, movie star Jason Sudeikis surprised people with his game when he finished the game with 14 points.

The MVP of the game, Edwin Butler, the lead singer of Arcade Fire, scored 15 points on his way to the MVP award. Kevin Hart, actor and comedian, and also a four-time MVP award winner, started the game coaching but came out of retirement scoring five points.

Saturday night was all about finding out who is the best at what they do. The skills competition included the best ball handlers in the league, then the best shooters in the NBA in the 3-point contest, and then the dunk contest capped off the night.

For the first time ever, the skills competition included the power forward and center positions. In surprising fashion, rookie power forward/center Karl Antony-Towns won the event beating out guard Isaiah Thomas.

The 3-point contest pitted the best shooters in the NBA against each other. The competition started with eight contestants. Each contestant got 60 seconds to shoot a total of 25 balls on five racks, and one of those racks was filled with money balls, worth two points, which could be placed anywhere.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson were the two big names in the contest being the two best three-point shooters in the NBA as teammates. Consequently, they ended meeting in the final round along with rookie Devin Booker, the youngest player in the NBA. Klay Thompson won the competition scoring 27 points in the final round to better Curry’s 23 and Booker’s 16, according to ESPN.

The dunk contest brought an end to Saturday’s festivities. It included some of the best high flyers in the NBA.It had four contestants who each got two dunks to decide who would move onto the final dunk off. The scores were judged on a scale of 10 by the five judges. 50 being the best score you could get in total by the five judges.

It had four contestants who each got two dunks to decide who would move onto the final dunk off. The scores were judged on a scale of 10 by the five judges with 50 being the best score a player could get in total by the five judges.

After the first two rounds, the fans could tell who was going to the final round dunk-off, Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon. Zach Lavine took the title over Aaron Gordon scoring two scores of 50 in the final round.

Sunday night brought the All-Star game where the stars of the league met. Fans voted for the players they wanted to see showcase their talents and the coaches vote the reserves in to finish off the roster.

The final score of the game was 196-173 with the West winning the game. Russell Westbrook, the MVP of the game, scored 31 points while Steph Curry scored 26 points to help the West on the way to the win.

The East team struggled but two players really stood out. Paul George scored 41 points and John Wall scored 22 points.

Kobe Bryant announced his retirement this year and due to that, this would be his last All-Star game. It started with him earning the most votes in the fan voting. To honor him, the NBA had a highlight film where his biggest and best moments were showcased, thanking Kobe for all he has done in the league.

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