Nalley Fresh Takes Over Baltimore’s Taste Buds

In 2011, Cooper Nalley’s father, Greg Nalley, opened Nalley Fresh. Nalley Fresh is a restaurant modeled after the buffet style, ordering technique of Chipotle, which serves a variety of healthy options all compiled together by each individual customer’s preferences. Nalley Fresh allows people to “Express Your Inner CHEF,” as stated in their slogan.

Nalley Fresh was a result of Greg Nalley’s inspiration to provide a healthy option to people while still making a great tasting product. Nalley has been quite successful in receiving the approval of the Baltimore community. Nalley’s restaurants have a four and a half out of five rating on Yelp, which is quite a good score.

This approval is clear to Cooper Nalley, who has gotten to see his dad’s idea form from the very beginning. Cooper said that “The first time that I had Nalley fresh, I was heavily confused but at the same time I was amazed. The food is incredible once you find the combination that fits you perfectly.”

This is what Cooper said has led the chain to develop into eight separate locations across the Baltimore-Washington area so far. Cooper said that he “consider[s] Nalley Fresh to be quite successful, but it can be more successful. For Nalley Fresh to become more successful requires time and expansion.”

All of his points are true for any great business, needing some time to expand even further.

Cooper said that this expansion is a sure thing because he “believe[s] that [Nalley Fresh] is a healthy alternative to Chipotle and Qdoba” because “Nalley Fresh has [so] many options for the customer to bring out his inner chef.”

It is quite apparent that the options at Nalley Fresh are a healthier alternative to popular national chains like Qdoba and Chipotle but is the healthiness the only thing which draws people into Nalley Fresh?

According to senior Brett Blum,  “[Nalley Fresh] is a unique restaurant [with a] good atmosphere, good food, quality prices, and [a] good overall selection of food.”

This same belief is carried by senior Mitch Casper. He said that Nalley Fresh is a place “where you can eat [healthily] but still pig out at the same time; there’s a lot of different combinations at different times, so there’s way more variety than Chipotle.”

Overall, it seems that Nalley Fresh has really made a splash into the Baltimore food market. Coming into a place where there were limited healthy options to get food, Nalley Fresh has attracted quite a good bit of the community.

This is what makes it such a great place to go and get food with friends and family. You are given the opportunity to eat great food and see other people from the community and that is what excites Cooper so much.

He loves seeing “some of [his] closest friends and peers at Nalley Fresh.” This feeling is shared amongst a large part of the Baltimore community and is what makes Nalley Fresh a truly inviting atmosphere.

Nalley Fresh is a complete and utter hit. It is a great idea that has proven to be successful. Hopefully, Mr. Nalley will keep expanding the chain and making it even better than it is right now.

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