Recap: Golden State Warriors versus Oklahoma City Thunder

On Saturday, February 27th, the Golden State Warriors played the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Energy Arena in the hopes to clinch a playoff spot. 

Steph Curry scores against Serge Ibaka.

The Golden State Warriors were 52-5 going into Saturday’s game while the Oklahoma City Thunder were 41-18, both being great records thus far into the season. Both teams were hungry for a victory on Saturday night’s showdown.

The game was close from the first whistle with the Thunder outscoring and leading in both the first and second quarters.  It was up until the second half that the Warriors finally outscored the Thunder, which was followed up again during the third.

The Thunder really looked like they had won after Kevin Durant hit a three-pointer with 14.5 seconds left in the game to put the Thunder up 103-99.  On the ensuing drive from the Warriors, Klay Thompson made a layup which made it a two-point game.  The Warriors stole the ball, and Andre Iguodala was fouled with 0.7 seconds left, and Iguodala hit the two free throws to tie the game at 103 and force overtime.

The Thunder’s leading scorer, Kevin Durant, had 37 points but fouled Curry in the first minute of overtime, which forced him to sit out for the rest of the game.  Although Durant was not able to play for the duration of overtime, the Thunder still had the lead up until 29.5 seconds when Klay Thompson was fouled after making his layup which tied the game at 118.  The Thunder then drove down the court but could not convert any points with six seconds left; this is where Curry came in clutch.

With six seconds to go, Curry drove down the court, past halfcourt, and shot a three-pointer from 30 feet away with 0.6 seconds left in the game which fell as fast as the Thunder’s fans.

“I’ve shot the shot plenty of times,” Curry said in his interview with ESPN about his game-winning shot; “you’re coming across half court and timing up your dribbles, and you want to shoot before the defense goes in. And that was pretty much my only thought.” 

Klay Thompson also chimed in about Curry’s game winner: “Everybody in this locker room, we’ve seen him practice from that range every day. He’s got the greatest range I’ve ever seen. He makes it look so effortless.”

The Golden State Warriors now have the best 58 game record in NBA history at 53-5 and became the first team since the 1987-88 Los Angeles Lakers to clinch a playoff spot in February of an NBA season.

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