Craving Pizza? Here’s Where to go

Everyone faces the same problem when it comes to choosing what pizza to eat. When pizza comes to mind, I instantly think of three different places. Those pizza places include Papa John’s, Pepe’s, and Earth, Wood and Fire coal-fired cuisine.

Each restaurant has its own uniqueness that makes them special, whether it be the specialty pizzas, the sauce, or even the crust.

Earth, Wood and Fire is a smaller restaurant that serves high-quality, coal-fired pizza. Earth, Wood and Fire is located on Clarkview Rd and has a small yet luxurious feeling to it. Here you can get a large (14″) pizza for $15.00 or a personal (10″) pizza for $11.00 with each topping costing $2.00 each, according to the Earth, Wood and Fire website.

Aside from the average pepperoni pizza, at Earth, Wood and Fire, you can get a Pugliese which consists of olive oil, garlic chicken, caramelized onions, mozzarella, provolone, blue cheese and oregano. Another quality specialty pizza is the Scampi which consists of olive oil, roasted garlic, romano,  mozzarella, provolone and gulf shrimp, as stated on the Earth, Wood and Fire website.

Fellow senior Dylan Kowalski said, “YI have had Earth, Wood and Fire pizza. The way the chefs cook it adds a whole other flavor that creates a great combination of different flavors including the toppings, sauce, and cheese.” 

Another classic place to get pizza is Papa John’s. Papa John’s serves a high quality and delicious pizza in which you can get classics or even specialties such as Hawaiian Barbecue and John’s Favorite. Most people choose to get the pizza as carry out or choose the option of delivery to the front door of their home.

Papa John’s has very similar prices to Earth, Wood and Fire as the large pizza costs $15.60 and the small pizza costs $11.00 according to the Papa John’s website. Their pizza always has the perfect combination of cheese and sauce which will make your taste buds tingle every time!

Boys’ Latin math teacher Mr. Morrissey said, “YI have had Papa John’s pizza. You could dip anything in that Garlic Butter and make it taste good. I wish I had a cup of that for all of my meals. The quality of the pizza is irrelevant because the Garlic Butter is that good.” Papa John’s not only has quality pizza, but the owner has figured out how to make his customers enjoy the pizza a little bit more. 

The final pizza place to round off my top three is Pepe’s. Pepe’s is a classic restaurant with a happy environment that serves all types of foods and trains its chefs to make a wicked pie. At Pepe’s, you can get a large (16″) pizza for $11.95 with $2.00 for each additional topping or a medium (12″) pizza for $9.95 with $1.50 for each additional topping according to the Pepe’s website.

Pepe’s has some specialty pizzas which include the Buffalo Chicken pizza and the Cheese Steak pizza delight. Pepe’s pizza will leave a terrific and lasting smell on your clothes as well as grease dripping down your hand which will make you scramble for napkins.

Fellow Boys’ Latin student and freshman Sam Grace said, “I have had Pepe’s pizza and it was banging, especially the cheese and the crust.” 

Pizza is always good, but it is all about finding the one that has the distinct edge over all other restaurants. When I think of pizza, these three immediately come to mind. Each place brings something special to the table that makes them a great place to get and enjoy pizza.

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