Best Music App for BL Students

Whether in a car, getting ready for a big game, trying to concentrate, or just sitting alone in a room, listening to music can add to the experience. iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud are the major music apps in the world today.

iTunes, the original music app, has been around for about 15 years. For the small price of 99 cents or $1.29, customers can buy songs from a variety of artists. Recently, Apple has introduced Apple Music, an added aspect of iTunes, which allows for the streaming of songs for a price of $9.99 a month for an individual membership and a $14.99 a month for a family membership for up to six people.

Spotify is another music streamer that offers both free and premium options. The free option uses data, limits users to six skips, and does not allow the user to pick a song on a playlist. The premium option is $9.99 each month, where users can download songs, have unlimited skips, and pick whatever song he/she wants.

Senior Andrew Brennan said, “I like to use Spotify for when I need my essential music from all of my favorite artists.”

Junior Nate King said, “Spotify- cheap, easy to use, has all music whereas Soundcloud does not.”

Soundcloud is a music streaming service that only has a free option. There is no download option and there isn’t a whole lot of mainstream songs.

Freshman Louis Marchese said, “Soundcloud is my most preferred music app because of it being free and because I love remixes of songs and almost every song is remixed on Soundcloud.”

Soundcloud is known for its “gems” or “bangers” as users are allowed to upload their own music, regardless of them being signed to a label or not. Even though it is free, the lack of songs and use of data might be troubling to some students.

“Soundcloud needs to define its copyright policy because it’s all over the place,” Rich Rosario said. “The app needs to allow users to download their playlists because as of now it uses an inconceivable amount of data.”

Timing is also an important factor when listening to music. Nate King and Rich Rosario listen to music most in the car, Louis Marchese listens to music mostly before a big game, and Andrew Brennan listens to music when he is either driving or just chilling in his room.

Music is an important part in today’s world. There are many options for listening to music. Each app has its good and bad sides, and it’s up to the user to choose which app he uses.

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