Has the Dab Gone Too Far?

The dab dance, made popular by the Migos song in early September 2015, has travelled to lengths none would have believed before—that being to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on an episode of the Ellen Show. But Clinton’s poorly executed dab is not the first seen on social media outlets in front of a large audience— it all started with the NFL early in the season.

The dab dance is pretty simple; either of the arms is folded into a 45-degree angle and the head is placed quickly into the arm almost as if one is sneezing. Simultaneously, the other, non-folded arm extends up into the air. This quick movement can make anyone look somewhat coordinated.

Just 10 days after Migos released the song “Dab on ’em”, Cincinnati Bengals running back Jeremy Hill hit the first television recorded dab in the history of the world. This moment has impacted the world more than Mr. Hill would ever know. 

From here the celebration skyrocketed, with numerous other athletes taking the dance and putting their own variations on it. Most famously, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton adopted the dab and continues to execute the move almost instinctively. He even has apparel with dab inspired messages on it.

The dab has now crossed overseas, with the sights of foreign soccer players and even tennis players utilizing the celebration. The first recorded foreign footballer to hit the dab was Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba. Known for his wild flair, Pogba has perhaps taken the trend further than Newton with his new haircut. https://twitter.com/paulpogba/status/684727997530796032/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Tennis star Victoria Azarenka has even been seen hitting this celebration. The 26-year-old Belarussian was seen hitting the dab at the Australian Open after hustling through her second round win over Danka Kovinic in just 63 minutes. Azarenka even responded to a question regarding the celebration in an interview on ESPN saying she “loves hitting it…it’s fun, entertaining and Cam [Newton] made it viral.”

Perhaps the strangest person to partake in the dab is Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. On the Ellen Show, hosted by Ellen Degeneres, Clinton learned the new dance move and the outcome is, well, up to one’s discretion. 

So has this trend gone too far? Started from rappers in Atlanta, the dance has moved across all groups of people. Certainly it is commonplace to see a professional athlete execute this simple dance move in a celebratory fashion, but to see perhaps the next leader of the United States try her hand at it is a bit shocking.

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  1. Good read. As both a supporter and (to an extent) opposer of the dab, I find this article to be quite enlightening. The information given was well stated and clearly well thought out, follow me on twitter @undressiniesta8 for more thoughts and opinions.


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