Winners, Losers Emerge from New Hampshire Primary

On February 9th, New Hampshire held its primary elections. The two winners were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, but they weren’t the only ones walking away with something to celebrate.

According to RealClearPolitics.com, Donald J. Trump received a staggering 35.3 percent of votes, which allowed for him to win the Republican side.  This was a huge win for Trump as he is coming off a second-place performance in Iowa, a state he was expected to win.  This win legitimizes Trump’s campaign and proves that voters are serious about their intent to put Trump in office. 

On the Democratic side, according to CNN, Bernie Sanders led the polls receiving 60.4 percent of votes.  This was an exceptionally high percentage of votes for Sanders.  This win is substantial for Sanders as it proves that Americans are serious about their intent to vote for Sanders and that this movement is real.  

The Republican second place candidate came as a surprise to many as Former Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second place.  Kasich had been campaigning heavily in New Hampshire, which aligns with his results.  This win could potentially give Kasich momentum heading into Super Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton suffered a huge loss in New Hampshire.  According to CNN, New Hampshire had treated the Clintons well, but this time, Hillary was defeated by a large margin.

This loss could be derived from Clinton’s latest email scandal, which has turned away many of her supporters. Originally, Clinton was almost a lock to be the Democratic winner, but after these results, it seems she will have more competition than expected.

Another candidate who suffered a big loss in New Hampshire was Ted Cruz.  Recently, Ted Cruz has been criticized for taking advantage of a tweet saying that Ben Carson had dropped out of the election by informing those going to the caucus that Carson was out and they should vote for Cruz.  His results in New Hampshire may have been impacted by his lies being brought to the public light.

This year’s election has already been incredibly interesting.  With two primaries in the books, things are beginning to take shape, but nothing is finalized.  It will be exciting to view how this election progresses.  

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